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We're Parkrunners... :D


...and we loved it!!

What a beautiful morning for our first Parkrun! I didn't sleep a wink the night before, all night I was envisioning crossing that finish line! Got up in good time to get our breakfasts before setting off! About 30 mins in the car, plenty of parking (OK so we did get there an hour early), and temps of 6 C. Had a mooch around the park, (lovely park), and let Winny get his 50 wees out of the way :) ! He kinda knows now, that there's no chance for a pot stop once we get going.

Started right at the very back because Winny was so nervous of all of the folks, bless him :( . Switched on 'our Laura's Stepping Stones and then we got going, and kept going, and going and going. LOLS we were lapped during the first lap :o . Never mind! Those folks didn't have a scrap of fat on them and there's only us in this race. Mind they were really running as 'if they'd stole it'! That'll be us one day!

Anyhoo, I thought we were a bit faster than usual because Winny was looking at me a lot on the final lap. It's a long time since my little legs have gone that fast. It felt really cool running past peeps 8-) ! So last Stepping Stones I did on Thursday was 40:48 for 5.2k. 37:56 at Parkrun if you please - more than chuffed with that! Personal best for 5k - more than chuffed with that! 352nd out of a field of 388 - more than chuffed with that!

Got back home then had a really busy day gardening, fencing, chopping down trees, stoking bonfires, prepping for lunch today. So felt a little bit emotional late yesterday when I finally had chance to sit down and digest what we'd accomplished. Well, to be honest, there was a couple of tears :o ! What's that all about? So so proud of being able to do this, and can't see the point in stopping now (not that I ever was going to). ThanQ so much to all of our super cool 'virtual' cheerleaders, who have made - and continue to make - our running adventures so enjoyable :)

Soz, I could have saved all of the drivel, but in a nutshell - chuffed!! High five from me, and a big deep woooof from Winny...xx

PS Hee hee, Hubby says I look like a Police marksman - need to add some colour!!!

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Fabulous run, great post, terrific photo!

Great post! Sounds like an amazing run. Well done to you (and Winny!) x

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to ChezLiz

Wouldn't be nearly as much fun without him...xx


Great post, well done.

It's stories that people share like yours that makes me think, 'come on - keep at it,' when it feels tough. Thanks for posting .... putting my running gear now.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Hidden

Hope you had a good run Hidden ! What week are you on?...xx

Hidden in reply to ANewMe2017

I did thanks. Finishing week 5 tomorrow.

Yesterday was lovely not too busy so my running buddy (dog) could run ahead off her lead....so everyone was 😊

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Hidden

Isn't it great to take them running...xx


Excellent! Love parkrun....well done both of you!


ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Madge50

ThanQ from both of us...xx


Wahay! Well done you two. Parkrun is right good fun int it. I bet your dog is going to love these outings.

Yeah definitely get some colourful new duds. They are cheap as chips from Lidl, Aldi, Primark, Asda, Tesco etc etc. Sportsdirect, Decathlon etc. No need to spend much. Lidl and Asda are great quality. My fave running top is Tesco (pity it's grey!) I love colourful clothes. I only wore black when I was an overweight non-running woman. After I ditched the lard I ditched the black. I even wear bright orange now!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to misswobble

Heading off to for a mooch around the shops on Friday - hopefully I'll find something to match my brand spanking NBs...xx


Congratulations on your first parkrun.

I'm sure there will be many, many more.

You definitely deserve a new outfit.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to ianhtf

Thanks ianhtf ! Are you running them every weekend?

ianhtfGraduate in reply to ANewMe2017

I've done four in a row now. It's becoming a sort of habit although i will be missing one on April 15 as i'll be doing my first ever 10k on the sunday. 10k - what am i thinking!

Sounds like you will be a regular from now on - even if you don't want to go Winny will drag you along :-)


Well done! SWAT officer & sniffer dog!😁

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to davelinks

LOLS :D !...xx


Way to go! You did excellent! I often get teary at events when I've reflect at how far I've come. Love that Winny ran it as well. And I'm glad I'm not alone at showing up to events very early.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to runswithdogs

Hee hee, nearly beat the volunteers there :o ! I love taking him. He's going to have 'a right face on' if I ever have to leave him behind. He knows by my attire that we're going running and gets himself ever so excited at the prospect...xx


Well done to the both of you !

That is such a great photo, definitely one to treasure and what a fab post !!!

Heres to the first of many , Aw look at Winnie, hes such a handsome chap ! :-) xxxx

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to poppypug

ThanQ poppypug we really enjoyed it! Might go again this weekend while Hubby is lambing...xx


Definitely a new you, and Winnie obviously loves it too. Well done!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

ThanQ JaySeeSkinny we've been bitten by the Parkrun Bug I think...xx


WOW! Amazing! Go SWAT team! ;) Congratulations to you and Winnie!

You look amazing, Winnie looks happy and you look happier :D

I feel your joy and sense of achievement, and I want it too :P

Have a great time running just with WInnie and during Purkruns ;)

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to IgaT

ThanQ so much IgaT it did really feel great :) especially getting a PB on our first outing! It will be your turn someday :) How is W5 going for you? It is one of the more challenging ones. Look forward to reading your fabulous post to say that you're over that hump and on to the next week. You've got this...xx

IgaTGraduate in reply to ANewMe2017

Congrats on PB!!! That's great!

Thank you @ANewMe2017. As far as I've noticed W5 & W6 are the hardest in the programme, or W5R3 gives the biggest milestone of finally running a longer period of time (continuously 20 min), and W6 is hardest as it is back to intervals.

I'll get there eventually ;)

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