W6r3 - not quite there... YET!

After my triumphant r2 last week, I was very good and took my running kit with me this weekend as I went up to my parents'. Saturday evening didn't seem too horrifically warm, so off I went, leaving a daughter and my mum to cook tea for when I was back and showered!

I felt very apprehensive - 25 mins just seems like such a very long time to be running for, and the 2x10 mins had been a bit of a struggle even though I'd managed it. But I thought I'd do my best, and see how we got on.

I don't know the estate where my parents live very well, so it was a bit of a fun exploring sort of route - I know the main road, so went down all the side roads, and some side roads-off-side-roads before retracing my steps back to the main road, and the next side spur. At 10 mins, however, I was finding it hard, and once Laura said I was half way through I just knew I needed a short break.

I gave in to my legs - in my defence, they really were getting very tired and achy, it wasn't just all in my mind - and walked for a couple of minutes, before picking it up again to run the last 10 mins.

So, not great, but also not a fail. I ran 22 1/2 mins, which I couldn't have done a few weeks ago, for sure. My knees are still working and pain-free, so that's a massive win, and I can go out this evening or tomorrow night for another go at it... I'll see what the weather forecast is temperature-wise before deciding! ;)


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5 Replies

  • Sounds like progress to me, like you when I started this program I really didn't believe I'd actually be able to do it but I managed my week 6 run 3 this morning. So if at first you don't succeed - try and try again. You will do it next time I'm sure. Good luck. 😀

  • Thank you! I got a bit disconcerted at the start by Laura saying 'if you haven't completed the previous runs or if they were very difficult, perhaps you should repeat them before moving on', and I think I let that strengthen my doubts.But whatever the reason, that run is done, and the next one will be different... :)

  • I know it raised questions in my mind as I set off and I actually went slower for the first 10 minutes than I had thought physically possible ! But maybe that wasn't a bad thing.

  • Well done for staying positive. It's not a problem that you needed to stop on this one and everything you're doing is all getting you towards that 30 minutes! Keep at it! :)

  • Next time start off slower so you feel you have more to give them you will make it all the way through. You can always turn it up a notch for the last few minutes of you have been going slower than necessary.

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