W6R3 "My personal rhythm"

W6R3 "My personal rhythm"

Today is the day I had broken a personal record

• 25 minutes of continuous running. Probably the longest I have ever spent doing one single thing. And this is only going to increase in the next few weeks.


8 PM run


1 X 25 minutes


It was never going to be easy. I knew it. I was completely anxious even during the 5 minute warming up.


Surprisingly, It went okay.


I have discovered something precious though. My rhythm. Footsteps, one after the other. Lift my left and land on right. Lift my right and land on left.

The entire length of my shoe sole barely left the ground, probably centimetres before landing. A microsecond of being airborne.


I felt the entire thing! :)


Mind you, few minutes into the run I can barely lift my leg. Couldn't run faster. 😒Jogging the entire way. Thanks to my excellent zoning out skills, I had forgotten to resume my music.


I was listening to my footsteps with earphones on. I didn't even realise I was doing that until few minutes into the run. It was mesmerising!


I bet I could have continued to 5K.


Just Kidding :P


By the way, the banana I had straight after the run tasted glorious! 🍌

Somehow different :P


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6 Replies

  • Fantastic run, great post😀🏃🏻

  • Wonderful post. A microsecond of being airborne is all it takes😊

  • Excellent!! :D Good luck with Week 7! I'm going out in a couple of hours to do W6R3 - like you, I know it won't be easy, and I've told myself that if I stop before the end, then I switch the podcast off and put it down as a practice run. I want to hear those precious words from 'our Laura' when I've completed R3 and properly deserve it..............Come On!!!!....today's the day...xx

  • Good Wishes! You can do it. Find your inner rhythm! :D

  • So pleased the run went well today. Strange how we doubt ourselves before setting out. I had Friday wine after my run. Delicious!

    W7. Who'd have thought it? If only I could drag myself out on a Saturday morning I could soon consider park-run.

  • Hey, Congratulations!

    W7 here we come! Woo woo! :D

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