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W6R3 Nailed!

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Just back from my last run for week 6 and managed to cover just over 5km in the 35 mins which I am delighted about!

A month ago I could barely run for a minute but today managed 25 mins non-stop without being overly exhausted by the end of it and probably had 5 more minutes in me at a push.

This community is great for motivation and running is really helping me put some other health concerns out of my mind for a while.

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That’s brilliant. Inspires me to keep at it. Starting week 2 tomorrow 🏃‍♀️

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farranccc in reply to Flutegirl

Definitely keep at it, it get so much easier and so much more fun!

Once I got to 20 mins today I thought ‘only 5 minutes left’ which a few weeks ago would have been ‘5 effing minutes - no chance!’ Ha!

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Good going. That's a good pace.

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That’s good to hear! Well done! I’m due to do my 25 min run this morning at a park run and was deliberating whether to leave it today. You have given me inspiration to get up and do it! Thanks

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farranccc in reply to RedT

Go for it RedT!

What a beautiful morning it is for it too. Make sure you give it your best shot and let us know how you get on!

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