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I've taken the plunge and invested a mammoth amount of English Pounds in a new pair of running shoes. Watching me prise the card out of my wallet and burst into tears was our very own TurboTortoise who was kind enough to join up with me on my quest. As the shop (Up & Running) was but a skip and a jump from her house, we hooked up at 11:13am and went through a thorough running shoe buying process!

I had my gait analysed again and tried various shoes on the treadmill. Both TT and I were amazed at how a couple of the shoes allowed my left ankle to bend in the most alarming fashion! I guess we are all built differently, but oddly the leg which seemed to be bending the most was NOT the leg which was giving me grief! Weird innit? Anyway, after sweating like some sort of farm animal as I got on and off the treadmill and on two occasions ran down the street in two different pairs, I decided on the Asics GT 2000shoes in diamond white! As TT said, they won't stay white for that long - especially with winter approaching!

So after the shock of paying for them, we bid the nice man farewell who had spent a good 45 minutes with us, discussing and trying different shoes. You really cannot beat going to a proper running shop and deal with staff who actually KNOW what they're talking about. We've all been to the chain sports shops where spotty faced 6th formers who can hardly form a sentence, offer up poor quality footwear with a "Dis is a well cool shoe innit?" noise emitting from their cake holes. It's so worth paying for the right clobber because we put tremendous strain on our ankles, hips and pelvis when running, and it's best to ensure safety on our precious joints - dontcha fink?

So I'm toying with the idea of a parkrun tomorrow and see how my new shoes rock! I'll let you know if I go.

Good luck to all parkrunners tomorrow and all race runners too. May your feet bring you a most welcome PB!

Tally ho!


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Love them. I got white asics last year and am loathe to replace the as they are sooooo comfy. I'm sure you'll fly at park run tomorrow. Totally agree it's worth it to get good advice as last thing we want is an injury. Nice that TT met up with you.


Very nice :)

I have asics GT 1000's. They stay comfy, but not white.


Edited cos for the 3rd or 4th time recently the post has been cut short between typing and posting. Anyone else on an iPad having that trouble?


Oooh, they are lovely. How fast can they go? How high can they jump? Can you do doughnuts in them? Will they show the dirt :D

I have Asics in need of replacement cos they were brought out of running retirement just recently but have been walking about for four years in between runs (very long 'rest' day). So comfy can't imagine wanting anything else. Nice lady at Run and Become made sure they were the right pair and totally agree, so worth the time spent on this. Still comfy but I suppose the cushioning has gone a bit so not as snug as they used to be and my toes wallow about more than they should.


I've got Asics GT 2000's too :D but mine are girly pink and white with a bit of silver, only done 2 runs in them, think they are going to need some slow braking in as they feel different yo my current saucony's (both pairs recommended during gait analysis) happy running!


Thanks LF. I was going to buy PINK but then chickened out at the last minute.....


Oh love them! I love my Asics, they don't go very fast but they are comfy. They still bring a smile to my face when I see them by the door x :-D


Yeeeahhhh baby!


Them's good uns Dan!

You'll fly in them!

Good luck with parkrun


Thanks MW


Hah! In the previous thread about new running shoes, did I not advocate the Asics GT2000? Well, yes I did. you could have saved yourself all that treadmill/running up and down the street bollo and just taken my word for it. If only more people put more faith in my every utterance...

I tell this to my wife and kids frequently, but they take no notice either.

Although mine are an electric blue rather than diamond white. Early 80's softcore porn videos versus Cider that tramps drink... hmmm, with these colour choices you are really spoiling us Ambassadore Asics. Not sure how either option fits with the Healthy Mind in Healthy Body motto.

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I remember your GT2000 comments well and had them ringing in my ears as I tried them!

Worth trying different types though cos shoe technology keeps changing and I wouldn't want to have missed out on the latest bells and whistles!


Brilliant Dan. Sounds like a lot of good advice and well worth the time to explore the different shoes. Good luck if you do the Parkrun


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