Couch to 5K

Laura went AWOL

Last night was my first W3 run. I've found that I'm quite determined to go out for a run once I've decided on a schedule, even in the wind and rain like last night. I've been quite surprised about my will power since starting C25K.

So the first 90 sec run and following walk was fine and I was gearing myself up to my first 3 min run. That started fine - setting off slowly as Laura advised but after about 90 secs the airwaves went dead. I actually found myself calling for her out loud😂 In an unreasonable way I felt slightly panicked but I kept on jogging to what I thought was at least 90 seconds more. I don't wear a watch and my phone was trapped in an zipped inside pocket in my jacket and my running high vis so after a flustered recovery walk I managed to sort my technical problem and Laura came back to me. I gave her a mental ticking off and carried on.

When I do one of the 3 weekly runs with my running group it is actually quite nice not needing to be plugged into Laura as the group leader dishes out the instructions.

Have a good week of running everyone

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Oh that's annoying but you stuck with it 😊


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