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Well I've been silently battling with week 5 so haven't posted. I was stuck and not able to complete the 20 mins run. So I decided not to give up but instead gradually increase the run and reduce the walk in between. Today I completed W5R3! Not only did I run for 20 mins I kept going for another 5 mins. I wanted to see if I could push myself. The first 15 mins were the hardest. My breathing was good too. The only thing I found difficult was that my legs felt like lead. Really heavy. Even from about 5 mins. How can you combat heavy feeling legs? I'm so chuffed! I DID IT!!!🤸

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Well done you ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Repetition and perseverance is the way to conquer the tough ones. It took me nine weeks of repeats to conquer week 1, so I’m an expert on this ! Heavy legs can mean you’re not hydrated enough. Maybe have a drink of water before setting out and take some with you too ? All the best for the next one x

Well done, I so know that feeling. It was the second time I cried after a run. The first when I tried 20min and didn’t make it the second was weeks later when I completed it. I am so pleased for you.

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Amazing! Such great attitude

W5R3 is definitely a mental challenge and I think given you’ve run for 25mins you’ll do great with the remaining runs.

Now you know you can do it, pushing yourself will be easier.

Not sure how to tackle the heavy legs issues, I get that a lot (particularly when going slower).

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Well done you. Yesterday I ran W5D1 so not far behind. I run circuits around my local park. Do you run in different places or stick to one route?

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FinhamTapGraduate in reply to Bartontiger

Hi Bartontiger. Same route so far but am thinking about changing it for the longer runs. I probably need fresh scenery but I do need somewhere flat. 😀

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BartontigerGraduate in reply to FinhamTap

We have small inclines in the park and doing 20 minutes in 5 minute circulars maybe a bit demoralising 😀😀

That is terrific - you must be enormously proud. Pushing through when times are tough is the biggest and hardest step of this process. I will think of you and your achievement when I am next out. It is so odd how some runs are just impossible and then others seem achievable.

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FinhamTapGraduate in reply to AnnaKarenina

Thanks Annakarenina, I feel like I want to go again although my legs need a rest 😂

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Isn't it an amazing feeling when you finally beat a bogey run! It took me 5 attempts to crack W5R3, and like you, I was so thrilled I carried on to 25 minutes. Not recommended, but I was so excited I couldn't stop myself!

Sounds like you're all set to get to 30 minutes! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

That's very impressive, well done!! Good motivation for me when I get further into the programme, so thanks for that haha! :)

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