See Laura!

A few weeks ago I found myself wondering who Laura actually was, and did a bit of googling. She has actually posted on the forum. Her profile is at

There's a video promoting C25K featuring Laura at the bottom of:

Just thought you'd like to see the face behind the voice that so filled our consciousness over the fateful nine weeks!

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  • It seems Laura no longer exists according to my browser when I click the link :(

  • Works for me, Zev!

  • must be me then :(

  • Ahhh sorry Steve, it is Windows Explorer the problem, with FireFoxy it is OK :)

  • I take that back - there was an unwanted full stop punctuating the URL. Should work now.

  • Steve this is verging on stalking :)

    She doesn't look like that in my head. She could also do with investing in a good sports bra :)

  • I'm ashamed to admit I didn't notice that. She is a very bouncy runner though (and I'm not referring to your sports bra comment).

  • And she told us not to bounce as it wastes energy :)

  • That's the site where I first found C25K so I knew what she looked like :)

    I posted a few comments after my runs on there during the first weeks of C25K, and then I found this lovely forum :)

  • A shame that sainte Laura no longer posts on here. Or perhaps that would detract from her aire of magical mystery. Maybe if she just appeared once a year like the queen ...... :)

  • Thanks Steve for the links. it was great to put a face to the name, and it was fascinating to learn that she is actually someone who followed c25k as well - I always assumed it would an actor or a professional speaker of some sort.

  • So did I - and as you say, it's nice to know she did actually follow the plan, too!

  • I saw her in the 'Strength and Flex' video before starting c25k so I already had her picture in my head before hearing the podcasts.

  • She's pretty much how I imagined her actually. Right down to the swishing ponytail!

    It is good to put a face to voice though ☺

  • You can watch the strength and flex vids on nhs livewell. She goes through the various stretches in some park, using the benches and railings etc. I watched all this stuff as i knew nothing about anything when i started ☺

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