Hi I am unable to afford a fitbit and my mobile is like really old school with internet/wifi/bluetooth. it is an android phone but can not hold a lot of memory and it will mean deleting whatsapp/messenger which i enjoy using to keep people updated on the move. Any1 know any cheaper versions of fit bit/ cheapish android phone with more storage space i can get somewhere to download fitness apps. I did have a windows phone but it broke after some idiot barged into me causing it to drop out my hand and shatter the screen.

Thanks in advance :)


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  • Is there anyway to add a SD card to your own phone to add more memory? I used to use Runtastic on my android phone. The have a walking and running app both come in free versions. I had the same problems I transferred a few of my photos out and only left one running playlist. My old phone was an Sony Experia U cheap and cheerful but had GPS. I had that one for ages. It's still going strong as my Dad has it now.

  • Cheap phone with expandable memory and GPS...

    Again, cheap and cheerful (slightly older OS), has expandable memory and GPS

    I rate LG phones very highly (my last 2 have been LG). Expandable memory, GPS, good battery life...

    These are locked to Tesco Mobile (but you can port you old number over to Tesco. The Tesco tariffs are comparable to other rivals (I'm not with Tesco BTW)

  • I'd go for an SD card too - put all your photos, music etc on there to free up room. If you're feeling up to the challenge, deleting the Facebook appli (if you have it) will suddenly give you loads more storage - then just check on FB etc when you're at home. I don't have internet on my phone, and I'm amazed to see the number of people who live their lives in a bubble with their social networks and miss out on so much other stuff. Why don't you give it a try for a few days? Dare you :)

  • Good advice... :) So much out there in the real world :) x Could I get an SD card for my brain do you think mfamilias gets so full of stuff! :)

  • I need a recording device for my brain too - I have lots of ideas for writing while running, but I think Gary picks them all up and hides them with the empties behind the sofa.

  • That is so like me.. minus Gary! I have started a journal for my ideas!! Trouble is I wake in the night, often. write them down.. without putting my glasses on and then cannot read what I have written!!! :) Duh!

  • i would go for the SD card too..I have a cheap and cheerful phone for my running.. only my running..( But it was on sale at the time ).x

  • I use an mp3 player with earphones for the podcasts and just take my phone to record the run details (Strava)

    Podcasts are reliable as they don't need signal. The Strava doesnt always record properly.

  • What is it you want to measure? If you remember your route after your run you could track it on (you can log your runs and routes on there too) and then work out your average pace, etc by the time you were running for. If you really want to log different aspects of your runs you can get basic running watches with gps trackers (like older garmin versions) quite cheaply, perhaps look for second hand ones on ebay?

  • I have an 8gb memory card but not really good with tech lol.

  • It's worth buying a heavy duty case for a more expensive phone. I have dropped my iPhone many times and it would have been ruined but for its heavy duty case!!

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