MapMyRun - techie help please?

I've been using MapMyRun since restarting c25k. I like it (although I haven't tried anything else so have nothing to compare it with) but I have two questions which maybe someone can help me with?

I use an android phone and cannot find the 5 min delay feature I keep seing mentioned on here. I think it may be for iphone only - has anyone found a way round this with an android phone? at the moment I walk for the first 0.5km then mentally deduct 0.5k from the distance announcements (every half km), but that stretches my head which is concentrating on so many other things like still breathing, staying upright, staying in motion ....

Secondly, my daughter uses the same app but on her iphone. Every run her stats say she ran further than me. Only she doesn't (not always anyway). On the last run she looped back for a maximum of 20-30m, yet it showed she had run 5.2k compare to mine that showed 5k. Why would this happen? 200m is a big difference (of course I'm hoping mine is understating distance :D).

Any thoughts?


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  • Sorry haven't a scooby. The iPhone is under settings , delay start timer, if that helps

  • Lol! I can't find it anywhere under settings on my version of the app (android) :(

  • sometimes different phones have different gps's and ping differently with satellites. this could explain the difference between the two phones.

  • Didn't realise that. Assumed same app, same measurement. Hey ho!

  • Open MMR, bottom right corner click into MORE, scroll down to Settings..........Delay Timer ( and loads of other things)

    If you have different phones and different providers it is likely the GPS system and/or signals are affecting the distance. 200m over 5k is a difference of around 4% but if it is a signal issue that may not be constant as it will depend on if the signal drops on route or not.

  • Is that MMR on android or iPhone? I don't see 'MORE' on my android phone; I can get to settings, but don't see Delay Timer

  • Are there three dots you can click on to?

  • Or is it under auto delay perhaps?

  • There are three dots. From there I can get to settings. But I can't see any delay option. There is auto-pause, but I think that is different. Not sure if I could use that instead - maybe it would know when I stopped walking and began running (I only need to do a rough 5 min/0.5km warmup walk)?

  • Under Settings is there a Workout Setup link? If so open and see if you can turn on Delay Timer. If not Im afraid Im out of ideas ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  • Thank you for all your help @Jacs-W .

    While I was in the app settings I saw 'contact support', and they just replied. I can do it in android! I had to go to the start workout screen, then click the gear icon (settings) and then delay start timer is one of many options. I had been looking at the overall app settings, whereas maybe this has to be set for each individual workout. So to any android users who haven't yet found this facility - that's where it is! No more mental maths for my next run :D :D :D

  • Brillient . On iphone once you set this, and the voice feedback frequency etc it stays that way for every run unless you change it again. Enjoy๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • I didnt know about the delay timer in MMR and its really useful. Thank you Jacs-W

  • Last year I did a 25km walk with 2 friends. Between us we used 3 different phone apps (on 3 different phones!) + a GPS hiking gadget and all 4 showed different distances at the finish!!

    I used MapMyRun when I first started, but it seemed quite unreliable where I live and I have since found Strava and Garmin to be better.

    Technology, eh - sometimes it all conspires against us!!

  • I would maybe expect some discrepancy across diff apps, but had assumed same app, same measurement. Seems not! Looks like I might have to just get over my nerves and try a ParkRun to find out just how far 5K is. Eek! :D

  • Different phones connect to different GPS satellites, so may well give different readings and 2 apps running on the same phone can also give slightly different readings!!

    You could try a parkrun route on a different day to check out the distance?

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