Any advice?

Hello everyone I'm brand new to c25k, never run before (so a bit scared!). I'm wanting to get fitter, loose weight and have a little 'me time'. I'm planning on going out on the first w1r1 on Monday and just wondered if anyone can give any hints or tips to a newbie. I'm not sure which is the best app to download for it either, there seem to be a lot of choices. My phone is android, not sure if that makes a difference. Anyways Happy New Year, nice to meet you all x


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  • Happy New Year to you too and 'welcome to the madhouse'!

    People usually run either using an app or by downloading the podcasts from the NHS C25k website (I'll try and find the link). With the podcasts you get the lovely Laura encouraging you as you run and some love it or hate it muzak! Personally, I loved the podcasts and still use them on and off even now.

    Good luck for Mondays run. Let us know how you get on :)

  • Great, thanks for the link I tried looking for this last night and could see it, But now I have it downloaded ready to go :D

  • Welcome to the forum. Most people here have used the NHS C25K programme, which is available as podcasts to play with any mp3 player or an app for a phone. The app is a bit glitchy by all accounts, while the podcasts are simple, full of advice and tips, but you have to suffer the choice of music. Us old school C25K graduates don't consider the app users have suffered enough for their fitness!! Take your pick.

    C25K works for just about anybody. Find some loose clothing, and any trainers to start with and get going. Just follow the instructions. You won't regret it. Post your progress here for all the support you could ever need and good luck.

  • Welcome!

    I personally use the podcasts from the NHS Couch to 5K site

    I download the one I need direct to my phone (to begin with I downloaded them to my ipod)

    There is an app as well which is also linked from the same page, but I haven't used it so can't help with that!

    I'm sure others will be along with other advice - there are loads of people on here at various stages of the program (I am currently on week 8) and this forum is very supportive and helpful :)

  • Hi, I new to this running thing aswell, last time I ran was....... sorry can't remember😂

    Completed day one this afternoon, using nhs app, my advice would be just do it, it was way harder than I expected but I'm particularly unfit🙄 I did it though, and I'm now feeling quite proud of my little self😊 Good luck, just get out there👍

  • Well done x

  • My advice would be to download the NHS C25k podcasts and get started but don't 'run' to start with. A slow jog is what is required or else you'll feel as if you're going to die and get put off. But DO make a start ! Good luck and Happy New Year!!

  • From the "C25K surviving guide for new runners":

    1. There is not such a thing as "too slow". Your goal for each session is to complete all running stints; it doesn't matter how slowly (speed will develop naturally, in time)

    2. Soreness is fine, pain is not. It is normal to feel sore while your body adapts to the new activity and workload but whenever you feel proper pain stop immediately or you might injury yourself.

    3. Running is as much a mental activity as a physical one. If you start one session with a negative attitude ("I'll never be able to do it"), you're likely to fail; stay positive and running will come easier.

    4. Bad runs are not a failure. Bad runs happen to everyone, at any stage of their running life, for countless reasons... but you can learn a lot about yourself from a bad run; don't consider it a failure and learn to move on

    5. Trust the programme and follow it. It is not a problem if you need to repeat a session because you did not complete it... but you might be tempted to think "ok, I did it but I'll do it again because I'm not ready for the next run"; well, you are probably wrong. If you completed a run, you are ready for the next one so give it a go instead of declaring defeat before even trying.

    6. Use the forum. No question is "too stupid" and no personal experience is "too insignificant": whenever you have a doubt, whenever you need encouragement, whenever you simply want to chat with like-minded people... well, here we are! ;)

    Welcome to the running family.

  • Great advice!

  • Wow thanks for all the comments. Never thought I'd say this but I'm actually looking forward to heading out in the morning. One other thought just popped into my head.. I'm not sure whether to just go out the front door and head off, don't know where my turning / half way point would be. Or should I just go up to and round the local playing field for my first couple of sessions? How did everyone else manage when they first started? thx

  • Your first session will be 5 mins warm up walk & then 20 mins walk/run & finishing off with a 5 min walk. So a total of 30 mins.

    Obviously your final walk could be longer if you have ended up further from home, but that's fine:).

    So it's totally up to you whether you go for 15 mins & turn back, (i.e. After 4 repeats of the run/walk) or just go to your local playing field & go round it as often as is required. Personally I like running where there is some nature: trees, grass whatever. I love the smell of fresh air & the sounds of birds etc.

  • You start with a 5 min warm up walk before the running intervals start. I just headed out my door and switched the podcasts on then and there. In all it is around 30 min including your warm up and cool down walks. If you have a nice place to run, go there and start the podcast when you arrive. It is better for your knees if you don't have to run on concrete pavements, so that could influence your choice.Otherwise when it is cold and dark, sometimes you just want to get started straight away and warm up!

    Don't over think it, just try it. Let us know how you get on.

  • OK thanks for the advice am going to head for the park, I'll let you know how it goes :)

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