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I'm alive...parkrun#1


Well ,Mr Pip and Piplet and I all did our first parkrun today. I decided to not take the podcast and just do my own thing walk jog walk jog. I told the other 2 not to wait for me and I was pleased they didn't. Bringing up the rear I was happy to make early acquaintanceship with the tailrunner. He was with me virtually every step of the way always encouraging and inspiring anever being judgey. after the first lap I would probably have given up had it not been for early finishers encouraging me on as well as the tailrunner. Even the first guy to lap me was giving it a "well done and keep going".

Target 1 was to finish -Achieved

Target 2 was to finish within the hour - Achieved

I jogged and walked...Probably the walking was as quick as the jogging but I don't care. But I'm tired this afternoon though.

As for Mr Pip he finished in a very respectable 41 mins and jogged all the way and surprised himself - he's on Week 5 of C25K and is cock-a-hoop. And Piplet did a 45 which she is happy with too. Stanley also never left my side and is still chuddering negatively.. looking forward now to rest until Tuesday perhaps and then back on the the C25K programme. I did set off slowly and did LOTS of walking but the speed overall was still faster than my C25K runs which surprised me and I also had tailrunner to talk to so that was tough too.

It was hard, and I have to say I do not feel I enjoyed it much at all...But I'll do it again..One day

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So glad you did it ! Well done !

10 out of 10 for effort MotherPip😊

You finished it.😄 I hope you got a medal.

You are still building your running legs and slow is best.

Enjoy your rest days and then back to the plan.xxx


Well done MotherPip. What an achievement especially as you're not even half way through the C25K 🎉🎉🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Seriously well done! How great that the three of you all did it. Piplet. Love that! That is a brilliant name😀

So glad that whilst you may not have 'loved' it, it was still a really positive experience. At this stage of the programme I think you've got real guts. You should be really pleased with yourself!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Very well done.. all three! You went, you saw, you conquered... :)

Brilliant... and surviving ? Always bonus... :) x

Yeah well done you cos you really wanted to do this, now you have and I bet you feel amazing for doing so.

I think you went about it the right way too, wow I would live to do this what an achievement xx

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Sazzlex

No I don't feel great really. I didn't feel at all ready for it. have felt shattered all day and felt like quitting C25K too...Just feeling sorry for myself I guess not helped by following it up this afternoon with a filling from the dentist.

tortoisegirlGraduate in reply to MotherPip

Don't give up! I didn't go near parkrun until I knew I could run 5K. I think you have real courage. *Lowers voice* Running isn't just about parkrun, some of us are more solo runners...I certainly am. I go to support family members, but I wouldn't necessarily go otherwise.

I hope the filling settles. Dentists certainly give me a more jaded attitude to life!

Sazzlex in reply to MotherPip

Oh no! Well I'm not surprised you feel sorry for yourself with a dentist trip thrown in there and don't forget you have been ill.

I always feel tired after a session never mind the park run so don't be too hard on yourself. Keep going with it I think you will turn the corner.

Chin up, keep smiling xx

Well done😀 How cool is that? First park run done and dusted and you haven't even completed the programme yet, much respect 👍🎉👍😀

Do it again soon - they are like minded people who only want you to do well. I did Parkrun today and hated it but loved it at the end. My aim is always to try to complete it without stopping. I don't always succeed but I always feel I'm part of something good❤🐢👣🏃🏿


Well done all of you!

Don't be put off, 5k is a long way when you are a new runner! Most people find it a long way to stroll never mind aiming to run that distance! You have done brilliantly!

Why not think about using the same route when you are running by yourself sometimes? Knowing the route and building self confidence about covering the distance , whether you run or run/walk, will make all the difference to how you feel next time you do Parkrun.

I've done a few Parkruns now, but I recall one of my very first ones, it was a hard run and I hated it. But I made myself go again the next week and found it much easier. Go back soon but not until you feel ready 😃🏃🏼‍♀️👍🏼


Well done! That's a brilliant achievement! X

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