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W4 R3 done!

Completed week 4 this afternoon. So pleased with myself. Felt a little easier today than the previous two but was still quite hard to keep going. It felt so good to keep going to the end though.

I am going to repeat a couple of the week 4 runs so that my daughter and I can stay at the same set of runs together as I want us to graduate together. I am sure it will be good for me to consolidate at this point anyway.

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Well done pip.

Certainly no harm in repeating.


Well done Pip. I have week 4 to do this week


Well done! Keep going.x


Well done Pip, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx


Thanks everyone. I love the support here - it's a massive help in keeping going.

I love reading how everyone else is getting on too.


Yay! Congratulations! On to week 5 now :-)


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