W5 R3 - Surely not possible?

OK I've managed to get up to W5 R2 today but I can't see how two lots of 8 minutes running is suddenly going to lead to 20 continuous minutes running next time?!!! It doesn't make sense - does it?

I think my dog will agree, she's slightly stunned by the last 5 weeks! Should I plan on taking sandwiches and dog biscuits and having a slight "break" halfway through?


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  • Just as impossible as the 'Amazing But True Fact' that a 56 year old, overweight by 50 lbs plus, Asthmatic (exercise AND cold induced varieties), just a degree or two off bilateral club foot, never-ran-more-than- a hundred-steps-EVER bloke is now running four miles in 50 continuous minutes who began the programme on June 1st only!

    But I did on Sunday - and just now got in from 40 minutes of running up and down brutal hills. :)

    I don't know HOW it works - but it sure as heck works for the vast majority who take it slow and steady :)

    Keep on running - and keep it simple, one foot in front of the other and repeat for as long as the programme day/week advises allied to the best of your individual ability :)

  • I guess it's the one foot in front of the other thing - can't imagine how else I'll do it!

  • That is inspirational, John. I'm 50 and asthmatic - graduated 3 weeks ago and struggling a bit, especially with hills, but your post really gives me encouragement!

  • Lol wondered that too. But believe me it does πŸƒ

  • I didn't know what to expect from week 5 besides the fact that I knew it was 3 different episodes. Day 3 was definitely a surprise when Laura said I'll be running for 20 minutes. I was all like "this woman got jokes" but she provides updates at just the right time to keep you motivated. Trust me, you can do this. You've made it this far 😊😊

  • You have made the fatal error of 'reading ahead' !! Don't worry....trust Laura, trust what you've learnt so far and hey presto you WILL run for 20 continuous minutes (if you go slow enough) Good luck.

  • You're right, I read ahead, bad mistake!!

  • This is just your gremlins talking. Trust Laura and the program - you can do it you really can πŸ˜€

    Ps save the sandwiches for when you finish !

  • " coz you gotta have faith, faith, faith "

  • If you've got this far, contrary to what you might think, you're ready for it.

    Go out there with a positive mental attitude and just do it then come back on here and tell us how it went.

  • That run took me 2x to succeed. And that was the run that I found out that my dear Shepherd x Marty much prefers running intervals to solid blocks of running. Give it a go - you're ready to succeed. If your four legged companion can't complete it you may have to leave him at home for those solid block runs, but you can always extend the program and throw in extra interval sessions to enjoy together. Happy running and let us know how it goes.

  • I'm not sure I can face it twice! It hadn't occurred to me that my dog might not follow me all the way; she usually just tucks herself in at my heels and looks very surprised at how things are turning out, hopefully I won't have to stop for her (though it's a good excuse?)

  • Nah! You and four legged friend will be fine! I have one too and she just trots along. Happy companion :)

  • Yes she gets very excited when I get the headphones and armband out. Hopefully 20 minutes won't be too much more for her, I think she's much fitter than I am!

  • It's time we let you in on a secret. C25k is actually magic. It's the only explanation for why everyone thinks 20 minutes is impossible but then - magically - it turns out not to be! Go for it. Managing that 20 minutes nonstop run is, I confess, one of the best highs of my life!

  • I like the magic idea, that's great. I shall keep that firmly in mind tomorrow!

  • Look, don't believe anybody on here......the thousands who claim to have finished C25k didn't really run for twenty minutes...... it's a joke. Yeah twenty minutes is only two minutes more than two times eight minutes, and why should you trust this programme? You can't really run for eight minutes, can you? What, when you could only just manage to run for a minute a few weeks ago. Can't be possible. The whole thing's a scam, surely............but then again..........

  • I sounds crazy, I agree, but you can!

  • No break for you. And this is because you can do it. It has been proven. Take a few dog biscuits because you know what you are doing but your dog doesn't and may think you have gone nuts.

    Come on, get out there. You will find you can do it.

  • She knows I've gone nuts (so do I).

  • You can and you will! Trust Laura and trust yourself. Just take one step at a time. And if you start to feel tired just take the pace down a bit but keep running. The sense of achievement after running 20 minutes will be definitely worth it.

  • I'm not sure taking the pace down is an option, I run so slowly in any case! I guess it's just the idea of keeping running for just another 30 seconds (and then another, and then another...)

  • Tell me this. Did you believe you could run for 8 minutes straight when you started on C25K?

  • I guess I must have thought it possible or I wouldn't have started although I didn't think how soon I might be able to do it. It's just how big a jump it is from 2x8 to 1x20...

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