Never in my life have I ever done this before!

Yes, I have achieved the week 5 20 minute run that everyone else has managed and I really and honestly didn't think there was any chance of me doing.

The breathing was fine, I drank some water and splashed quite a lot and at the end finished the water, never done that before either. I was a bit beetroot but although I thought it seemed a long time each time Laura told me 5 minutes had gone I never felt like giving up. I really wanted to be able to say I had done it and didn't want to feel I had walked and cheated. I wanted that euphoria of having faced my daemon. There is nothing like the feeling afterwards.

For me I needed to prepare a bit more during week 5 but I am beginning to understand my body and I think I will know when I am ready for the next step or if I need an extra run before moving on.

It's increadable how my body has responded to the programme, I think the breathing started to settle in week 3 and I couldn't get the Laura regular breathing but that seems to have taken care of itself too.

Truly amazing!

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  • Well done! I hope I can echo this next month!

  • Really well done! Self-belief all the way :)

  • Fantastic, it's a great achievement, well done :-)

  • Well done !

  • Well done you, i knew you would do it, enjoy the great feeling :)

  • Well done indeed - onwards and upwards and feel proud.

  • Woo hoo! Well done!

  • Whoop whoop you've done amazing!

  • Yay!! Go you! Well done.

  • Fantastic ....well done you :D

  • Thanks guys, feel really chuffed still, if a little stiff this morning.

  • Well done!!! i managed it this week too - hard to beleive isn't it. Feel very pleased with myself - bet you do too :-) - good luck for week 6 !!

  • Thanks, I'm still excited about it. Treated myself this weekend cos I deserve it. I think the next two runs wil be a breeze after that. I hope so anyway. Good luck for week six, I will look out to see how you are doing. X

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