W5R3 - far easier than expected!!

I had a minor wobble before I left this morning, only 5hrs sleep and heavy rain I nearly repeated R2... but thinking of posts on here I decided to give it a go and see how far I got.. but to my surprise (really surprised this time!) it was relatively 'easy'!!

The first 5-10 mins on an incline I kept very slow just willing my way to the turning point where it was more flat but after that I didn't really struggle at any point. Weirdly it seemed easier than the last two runs with the walking in between, how does that work out?? I could even have kept going when she said to stop though by then I was on a downhill stretch..

For any of my fellow week 5'ers, I can now see I think why the big jump up in time, it almost seems more psychological, it is possible physically and just go out and try it, the thought of it was a lot worse than doing it! If anything I preferred today's one big chunk in one go. I can't believe I did 20 mins! Onto W6 now :-D


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15 Replies

  • Fantastic KS69 blooming well done to you :D. I've seen a few people say that they find it easier without the break, strange isn't it?! Good luck for W6. Fingers crossed tomorrow morning goes as well for me x

  • Yeah I'm a bit confused by it all tbh! I thought it was going to be hell but I seemed to settle into a pace better and it went quicker than expected. Look forward to seeing if you find it the same!

  • Isn't it great?! Well done! 👍

    Now your next big "mental test" awaits on wk 6 r 1&2. But now you know you can ... and will. 😀

  • I just had a look and bit disappointed to see it go back to short intervals again for start of Wk6 but will trust in the programme even though I'd like to continue doing one block of time now I've done it once!

  • Congratulations, but Beware W6R1 for it has caught many out.

    It should be easy, going back to intervals, but it isn't always. Again it must be more of a psychological thing.

  • Thanks, I'll have a read of some posts! It's all a bit weird..

  • Wahay! You aced it!

    There's a fine line that only your body knows where the beginning 'knackeredness' crosses over into an easy rhythm as the required oxygen reaches all the necessary parts of your body. Mine is always around 13 minutes, so I know if I can get to 13 minutes I can keep going. Up 'til that point my brain is always raging at me, 'it hurts', or 'I'm so tired', 'my legs ache'.

    Now you KNOW you can do 20 minutes and that the first bit is just finding your rhythm. How amazing is this programme?

    Enjoy week 6, you're on the final stretch now ☺☺☺

  • Thank you! I have no idea where the I can do this point kicked in as I had no idea of timing, only when the odd comments came in on the app. I'm so pleased with the programme I feel I want to tell people about it!

  • Yay! You are doing so well and so nearly there :) You are going to nail week 6!!

  • I hope so, I feel it's all achievable now even if I have the odd off day :-)

  • Woo hoo fantastic...and you hit the zone too.😊

    That really is the breakthrough run and you smashed it...

    Wk 6 is stamina building, giving you a run up to R3 which you will also manage just fine.

    Its a great program isn't it..it really works.

    Onwards and upwards.😄

  • It did feel like a breakthrough in the programme :-)

    I am wondering though, do I try it again Friday just because I fancy doing it again (as I've finished W5 early in the week) then start W6 Sunday or just start W6 Saturday instead??

  • I wouldn't do it a second time.. it took its toll, and the next week will get you back up to a non-stop run again.

    Take your rest day/s then move up to week 6 on Saturday or Friday would be fine too.

    I think the other graduates would agree. Stick with the plan at this point. Plenty of non stop running to come. 😊

  • Isn't it a fabulous feeling when you complete it? I think it is all in our minds...the psychological barriers are greater than the physical. Well done & happy running xx

  • This is music to my ears as this is the run I'm most scared about but after reading this and completing run 2 of week 5 tonight I'm feeling positive. Thanks for the inspiration 👍

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