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Just completed R3 of week 5 but founded it harder than I thought. First 5-10 mins weren't too bad and managed next 5 mins was harder but last 2 mins practically dragged myself along! Did think W5R2 to doing 20mins in R3 was a big jump! Kept hoping Jo would say I'd finished! Last few minutes was clock watching 😕

Hoping W6R1 will now be a walk in the park!

Up to now been doing quite well, and W4 began noticing getting easier but felt W5R3 was a struggle.

have run in the past, most recently last year doing C25K but lapsed. I go spinning and Pilates once a week so should have some level of basic fitness, don't think I could've run slower!

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Well done. I found W5 R3 very hard after 15 minutes, thought I was running backwards in the end. W6 R1 could turn into a long walk in the park if you aren't prepared, it can catch you out if you don't take seriously enough, but you have done the leg work for it after week 5!


Thank you. Thought W6R1 might be easier as it's runs and walks rather than 1 longer run.


Well done. We all have to hit a rocky parchment. This may be yours. But you did it, regardless and it is that mental strength that makes a runner.

It does sound like you focussed on the time too much. Perhaps some distraction techniques may help.

Week 6 is not easier, but it just might be more enjoyable for you.


Thank you, I hope so! Felt tired afterwards.


It is a jump but it's a mental game at this stage so well done for getting through it. When I first saw this run I thought it was a mistake! You've done it so you're ready to move on.


Thanks, hopefully it will get easier. I did think it was a mistake too as the start of W6 reverted to walks and runs. however hoping, having got through the 20 mins the next runs will be more manageable.


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