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Comeback Run 2

Hi Folks,

This is pretty much a late posting of my second run (life & work a bit manic at the moment) which I did last Thursday. So after Tuesday's run, I was thinking/dreading of the sore legs the following day but glad to say did not have any of the gremlins in me.

So decided to run the same route again however this time used my running app to track the distance. Pleased to say it totals 3.2km, so the plan is to either run this twice again and then add some distance or pick up pace.

I wanted to go for a run yesterday but work and the car's service got in the way of that, so settled for a 20 mins. swim session today instead.

No problem with the right knee (which is what put me on the IC in the first place) so far, so fingers crossed happy days it is.

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Well done Saul! :) nice to see you back and out running !


Thank you, feels good to be back.. :-)


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