Week 6 run one completed along with being heckled!

I decided that as I had changed my run days last week to fit in with half term that I would fit an extra run in today and do week 6 run one twice, once today and once on Monday with the local couch to 5k group, I set off feeling positive and looking forward to my me time, the first 5 minutes were great, if anything I went too fast so slowed down for the next set of running, Im running along happily with my earphones in when I am heckled by a bloody old woman who got in my way and told me for God's sake just give up and laughed in my face, now I already know that I am fat, I also know that I am slow but I was so p***d off that I just shouted to her that I would never give up and carried on my way, I am so glad that I am feeling stronger than I did when I started the programme or I would have gone home and consoled myself with the contents of the fridge, instead I went home got my walking boots and me and the children went for a muddy walk, I just cant beleive that some people are so vile. I'm hoping I see again so that I can shove her in the pond next time!


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19 Replies

  • What vile human being!

    Don't listen, keep doing your thing and good job for getting straight back out with your kids :)

  • She's just a miserable old jealous woman. Bet she wishes she'd started running years ago and takes out her frustrations on others who are actually doing something. Easier said than done, but don't let her bother you. There are at least 50 people on this forum egging you on - we must weigh more than one miserable old woman!

  • Good for you for sticking up for yourself and not letting her insecurities get the better of you! And great strength coming from you to not raid the fridge and go for a walk instead! The power of running eh?

  • Good for you great attitude :) well done on persevering and completing the run

    There are always going to be people like that , the best thing to do is to graduate and stick the proverbial 2 fingers up to them :)

  • That's outrageous ! Good for you sticking up for yourself AND resisting the fridge. You are a strong, resilient, running human being.....

  • Well done for completing your run. We are all behind you.

  • Don't worry about such ignorant gits! They're not worthy of your consideration so balls to em. Crack on duck. Just content yourself with the fact that you'll be fit and healthy in the morning and she'll still be a fat old cow. Tee hee

    Well done for getting out with the kids afterwards. Walking is great for us runners. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

    PS I have visions of you shoving the old bi*ch into the pond! Aren't we naughty

  • Up yours cow bag!!!! Haha! Good for you keeping going. You are doing this, she isn't so she doesn't matter but I think you know that!!!!

    You go girl!

    E xxx

  • You are running now so you will be enjoying life and happy by the time you get to her age! Probably jealous she didn't get fit when she had the chance, but like the rest of us, she had the chance! Good for you, we are having more fun running and stomping in the mud than those people sitting at home watching Tv!

  • How horrible! I'm so sorry that someone did that to you. I'm mentally pushing her into the pond for you :P

    Anyway, well done for your run and your walk with the kids - you're doing brilliantly. You're sticking to this plan and making excellent progress.

  • What a horrible woman. Good for you for keeping going! I'm a newbie and am waiting until darkness before I go out as I'm too cowardly to risk any ridicule. So I think you're amazing (and still will even if you shove the old hag in the pond ) ☺

  • As your confidence grows you won't mind going out in the day light. You are taking steps to make yourself fitter and healthier and if anyone has an opinion on it that's negative tell them to go and take a hike, the area I run in isn't the most salubrious shall we say and my friend told me to shout oh go and have a bath and pick up your benefits, haven't used it but always makes me smile when I think of it!

  • Thanks for the support everyone, I've tried not to let it bother me but I just keep thinking what a miserable old bag, I never knew that I would enjoy running but I do and I certainly won't or an old crone stop me. Onwards and upwards I've got a graduate badge to aim for😄

  • Good for you Hel, don't let that silly old woman spoil your running. She is rude and ignorant and has no idea how hard it is to persevere and run like we all do.

    You are doing fantastically and WE know

    that slow is best and thats all that matters. I don't think you will waste time worrying about her.

    Run proud we are all with you. x

  • Brilliant... well done for carrying on and then taking a walk with the children afterwards!

    People like that are not even worth responding too. like most unpleasant people and bullies , being ignored really gets to them!

    You are out there, doing it and succeeding...!

    Don't bother pushing her in the pond... she will fall in anyway, blinded by jealousy at the sight of you running like the wind. :)

  • She obviously has a problem. You don't. Well done for carrying on.

  • What a cow! Obviously jealous. You should have challenged her to a five minute run!

    Well done. Ignore her and move on. You're doing great!

  • I hope it doesn't happen again but, if it does, don't give these miserable people the satisfaction of shouting back at them; it's a waste of time and energies that they don't deserve. ;)

  • What a witch! Good for you, you have a wonderful attitude, ignore vicious people who only behave that way because they are unhappy with their own lot. You are doing brilliantly, keep it up :) x

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