Week 1 Day 1

So I have just completed my first day of Couch to 5K!

I am 25 years old, slightly overweight and thought I was totally incapable of running!

My mum, dad and boyfriend are keen runners (or I consider them to be so!) and go running 3+ times a week. After seeing my mums impressive weight loss with running I decided I needed to give it a go, I have tried numerous 5K park run's but am always a little defeated afterwards as struggle so much (walking the majority) and end up coming last.

I decided to use the C25K app to improve my running and hopefully achieve running 5K without stopping.

I really enjoyed my run this morning, I managed to do all of the 60 seconds running without stopping, although found some of them difficult, however the park where I was running had a few inclines so I maybe need to find somewhere a little flatter!

It has only been a couple of hours since I completed my run and I am already aching! Hopefully that means I wont be aching tomorrow.

I plan on having a rest day tomorrow and then another run on Wednesday night!

Wish me luck and any advice or motivation would be welcomed!


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  • Welcome aboard. All I can say is trust in Laura and the program it really does work, that first week for me was hard, I couldn't wait for those 60 seconds to be over with, but now I am on Week 9 and running for 30 minutes. Keep at it, but just go steady and slow. Best of luck.

  • Good for you!

    Best of luck - and be assured we were all in your boat at the beginning. I certainly couldn't imagine running 5k (which I've done twice now - albeit rather slowly!).

    The aching gives you a rather smug feeling doesn't it!

  • Ha yes it does never thought I would secretly like aching!

  • Welcome. You probably won't ache too much tomorrow, unless you've pushed yourself a bit hard today. Anyway, that's a good start, being able to run all the runs, and good for you being sensible about things like inclines this early on. If the incline is moderate you might eventually be able to use it to gently introduce yourself to hill work, but slow and flat is the ideal to start with. Stay injury free, and remember you're also "exercising" your joints etc, which heal very slowly. Well done for taking this difficult first step of just getting up and going out there like that.

  • Hi, good luck with the programme, it's fantastic! Glad to hear you're taking those rest days. They are really important to let your body recover and avoid injuries. Keep us posted on your progress๐Ÿ˜€

  • Try to keep going on your run with the hilly bits! You will really build on your stamina and fitness if you do! Enjoy the programme - as a recent graduate I can say it really does work! Good luck.

  • Well done! You really can do it! I'm a 54 yo grandmother and I can run 5k after following the programme- enjoy each time you complete a run, go slowly, ignore Laura when she says to strike with your heel... and remember everyone has bad days so don't let them get to you- great days lie ahead! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Welcome to the madhouse, and congrats for making the first step. We all started off the same way. And lots of us are still here, and still running :) So keep us posted!

  • Go very, very slow. Also, stick with the hills. You'll curse them now but they will get easier and build fitness and your experience with them faster. My chums that always run on flats really struggle with the slightest inclines.

  • Well done, trust in the programme, I did not believe I could run/jog get through the podcasts, but somehow I have. I have never run in my 53 years before doing C25K. Take your time, go as slow as you can while running, make sure you take your rest days. the support from this site has been brilliant and has helped me get to week 9.

    Glen :)

  • Well done, you have made the effort to take the challenge, take it slowly and follow Laura's advice and you won't go far wrong. We have all been there and know it's difficult at first, so best of luck and most of all enjoy your running. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Well done Anew! Using C25k to LEARN to run is a great idea! We don't know how to run or if we can when we start, we just have the desire to try. That's how we all pitched up here! Great little programme! Just stick to it. Go slowly. Steady as she goes

    Do your own thing. Don't worry what your mum, dad or boyfriend are doing. Do the sessions and don't be diverted

    Have fun! This is life-changing stuff. Does your family know about it or are you keeping it under wraps, as lots of us here did?

  • Yes just keeping it quiet at the moment, I know that they would instantly suggest we should run together and I don't want that yet!

  • Well done for starting, keep following the plan and you'll reap the benefits. I found it helpful to post after each run, and it's great to read back over and realise how you've progressed. There always seems to be help and support, this forum is a great place :)

  • It doesn't seem that long ago that I was in your position, couldnt even do the walk after the second 60 sec run! Now I'm on run 3 of week 8 and continuing to surprise myself with how effective Laura's gentle coaxing is and how well the c25k app works. Keep going,you'll surprise yourself .

  • If you finished all of the W1R1 runs without having to pause the app and catch your breath you are doing better than I did! The app is great and builds you up gradually to running for 30 minutes. You only have to look at others on here to see that it works. Keep it up and keep us updated on your progress - you can do it trust me. I had to stop the app and sit down on a bench for a bit on week 1! I have now done 10k a couple of times and am loving it! Good luck and happy running. :)

  • Well done keep going. I'm 50 in November and have never been sporty but I can honestly say I wish I'd done this when I was 25.

    Just do as everyone says and follow the programme ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Well done for starting, that's the hard bit but remember you're doing great. You'll get a lot out of this site. Welcome and good luck with it x

  • Welcome :) I didn't find this forum to halfway through the programme but its really supportive and encouraging . Enjoy your running

  • Hips a little sore this morning but walked to work and it's loosened up a bit.

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