Into the great unknown

My nemesis was W4R1, it's where I simply gave up on my first time round with the C25K programme. Well on this my second attempt that's W4R1 done & dusted today, so I'm now venturing into my great unknown! Laura asked today if I was recovered going into the second 5 minute run, I said "NO!!" but she totally ignored me and made me run anyway ...


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  • She's like that is our Laura๐Ÿ˜†

    Well done on passing the 'crunch' run. Into the great unknown now but you know from all us nutters that it is totally doable. Take Laura's hand and she'll take you all the way to graduation!

  • Oh that Laura! She's so mean, ignoring us when we plea for longer to recover ;) Well done on making it past your stopping point - this time round you have the advantage of having all of us supporting you through it! :D

  • WELL DONE. I'm really pleased to hear you've beaten W4R1 into submission, you'll be past me in no time :-)

    I tried running while I was at the gym yesterday and managed a couple of steps before having to stop. Physio appointment on Saturday morning!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Very best of luck with the physio. At least you can get some core stuff in, not what you want but something anyway. You talk about me passing you, wow how do you spell "heebiejeebies"? I've looked at W5 and running for 20 minutes, IF (unlikely methinks) I stay on schedule, then that's just a few days away and someone's extracting the Michael .....

  • Little minx that she is.. it was when she used to say to me.. "...finish in style... " and I used to yell....( in my head, obvioulsy ) you must be joking.. I'll just be glad to finish!!!!

    Go you!

    Amazing.. you have cracked that pesky nut and are on the way. Just keep on, slow and steady, take it at your pace....( which should be a slow one :))

    Onward and upward! x

  • I probably scare the natives (just as I have been known to do at self-service tills in the supermarket) because I frequently have out-loud conversations with the technology, including Laura! Usually grumbling.

  • Join the club :)

  • Well done and happy venturing into the unknown!

  • You are doing so, so, well! I know exactly what you mean about that Laura though - she's such a bully! (And like others I would pretty much laugh out loud when she'd try and encourage a sprint finish, or would have done, but didn't have the breath for it!)

    Don't worry too much about WK5R3 - by the time you have done the two other runs in the week you really truly will be ready to do it - the very fact you've done the previous two runs is the proof of it. Just remember not to go haring out of the trap to begin with, keep calm and you'll get to the end. Trust Laura, bully though she is, to know what's she's doing. After all, she got me doing this running nonsense and I had done no exercise for over 30 years, so you can imagine what my first runs were like.

  • I do know what you mean, because I had to do a pre-C25K 3 week programme just to let me do the 60 second runs in W1. Hard even now to imagine why and on reflection I think a big chunk of why was in the mind not in the body. Unlike some of the newbies here I'm finding this hard going - but I'm determined to get to the end. Thanks for the support and encouragement, PLEASE carry on, I need it!

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