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Learning to run again week 4

My second attempt at W4R1 didn't go to plan either! At the last attempt I mistakenly started the podcast for week 3. This time about one minute into the first of the 5 minute runs the podcast stopped and I couldn't make it start again. I timed the walks and runs myself. Towards the end of the second 5 minute run I imagined Laura telling me not to stop, keep going, you're doing really well, just 90 seconds more.

Hope my next attempt goes smoothly! x

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Haha!! I think sometimes when you start something new the Motivation Gods conspire to make sure you're REALLY committed!! Hope the next one goes smoothly for you.


Hi Adelaide11, it went quite well. A Sunday outing with sun and cloudy intervals. Really quite windy! I find wind very energising though!


W4R2 completed! A blustery Sunday morning. Felt like I was running into a headwind lots of the time. I did a big loop, lots of running up inclines. Took a Chapstick, a tip I got from this forum earlier today, and reapplied during the walking bits. I ended up far from home! I had an extra 10 minute walk to get me back. A total outing of 45 minutes covering 5.4K


People on here always say that any run is a good run and better than sitting on the couch. Best of luck with the next one x


Week 4 completed! Yay! I am feeling great! Very happy with my progress. My knees were a bit sore on Monday after my second week 4 run the previous day. By the time I ran today I hadn't had any knee twinges for 2 days.

I ended up a long way from home again tonight. I added a couple of short sprints into my walk home!


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