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Running into the sunset

Having had an amazing run watching the sunrise on Monday decided to seize the opportunity this evening to squeeze in Wk8 R2 before the sunset.

Not as glamorous a run as it sounds! About half way through the run spied a man across the field without a dog or obvious running kit - everyone I ever meet is a runner or a dog walker or both. Managed to spook myself in the dusk that he must be upto no good when he started diagonally across the field towards me. I sped up wanting to reach the busier thoroughfare for dog walkers closer to civilisation - which meant the second half of my run was faster than the first (about as rare an occurrence as meeting a man with no dog or running kit!). By the time Laura said there were five minutes left I was gasping a bit and much further along the route than usual so had to run an extra lap of the final field (slowly).

Anyway came to no harm (out ran the mystery man who was probably innocently enjoying and evening stroll anyway) completed the run and managed to enjoyed the tail end of the sunset (if a bit breathlessly) on my cool down walk. No zombie running app for me in the future - can obviously scare myself quite enough 😂

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Oh lord! Sorry to hear about your experience; would have unnerved the best of us! I run at 6:30am, not many people about, but whenever I see a figure up ahead I cross the road and then look behind myself repeatedly! I am sure he was, as you say, taking an innocent walk, but you are always wise to exercise caution. It can suck being a woman runner sometimes, but I refuse to let this stop me. (I still run with zombies though; I think I like being freaked out a bit now and again!)

Sounds like a good run despite that though, and doesn't hurt to get the old adrenaline going now and then. :-)

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😂I'm sure I was completely safe - was just unnerved - the first time really while I've been out running. And it certainly showed me that it's possible to inject a bit more pace into proceedings!


Blimey think I'd of needed a Tena Lady if that'd of been me. lol

Well done you for not getting completely freaked out ;0)


Oh yes...our imaginations.... ! They do wonders for our pace:) Go you...very well done!


Well done for completing W8R2, I knew you could do it!!!

I'm on that one tomorrow, if I've got any energy left after a day with my girls!

Seriously, well done you x


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