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Not exactly smashing it!

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Hi guys! I can walk forever and always thought that running wasn’t for me, but am giving it a go. Just completed W4r1 last night, but have to say that I’m not exactly smashing it as I can do my second 5min run only after a 5min walk to recover! The problem is that I don’t know if am I being too kind to myself and need to pull up my big girl pants and push through!? When I got home last night though I really felt really energised and happy, so will definitely give W4R1 another go tomorrow.

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Well done for getting this far, don't forget to go slower if you are struggling. 😁

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Oldgal68Graduate in reply to Martin_Rose

Thanks Martin_Rose. Will give it a go!

I'd say, go your own pace, even if you have to redo week 4 Run 1 several times. You will get through Week 4 run 1. I enjoy walking more than running too. But running does get much more enjoyable as you progress. Enjoy this part of the course, is my advice, even if you feel you are not advancing, as you most certainly are advancing.

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Oldgal68Graduate in reply to DawnRun

Think I will be on W4r1 for a while, DawnRun, lol! Had a long walk today, so looking forward to tomorrow’s run.

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Sustainable Pace, a little phrase that made all the difference to me.

I was struggling with pretty much the same run then I read a post about sustainable pace, running at a speed that you can maintain for the time required

This was a eureka moment as I realised this applied very much to me so next time out I slowed it down a bit and hey presto I could run and since then no looking back.

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Oldgal68Graduate in reply to rolysmate

That sounds like very good advice, rolysmate, think I’ve been pushing the pace too hard, so will slow down tomorrow and see how that works. Thanks!

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My goodness you are out there on the c25k programme well done👍all good comments and it takes a while to get the pace right! Im 60 and back out trying after a break from running after a fall & losing confidence but I remembered the exhilaration i felt after completing the programme last year & like you i live walking & can walk a goid distance but have always wanted to try running! Think its a bit of proving you are never too old to try something new😊! I think i walk faster than run at the moment 😂😂however im back trying & due to run week3 run 2 today! On hols so trying to fit it in between entertaining my 3yr old & 7yr old grandchildren 😂😂hence im checking forum to mitivate me on this really windy day!!! Keep going il be looking out for you😊

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Oldgal68Graduate in reply to Pc59

Thanks for the encouragement Pc59! Sounds like you’ve got your hands full but hope your run today gave you the needed boost. Get those endorphins working!

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Pc59Graduate in reply to Oldgal68

Well made it out there & thats thanks to checking out all the motivational posts ! So week 3run 2 done & carried on till till i made 4.10 km and managed it 1 min faster😊ok still slow but better!!😂endorphins kicked in Oldgal68!!made me remember how great this running feels!!!

The best pace you can go at is the pace you are happy with.

For me its a 'stumbling dying man in the desert' pace. But I can keep it up. I realised that if I slowed down it made it a whole lot easier. And stop and have a look at where you are in the program. Week 4! So congratulate yourself for that !

Slow it down. Nice and steady.

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Oldgal68Graduate in reply to GingerBohemian

Thanks, GingerBohemian, I think your ‘stumbling man in the desert’ pace is what I should be trying for tomorrow. I will keep that mental image in my head as I go into that second 5min run! Thanks!

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to GingerBohemian

Nice one 'GingerBohemian', I just had a brisk 1 hour walk today and was very refreshed by it, at the very end I 'ran' for a couple of minutes but was a bit tired to say the least, I'll continue with the couch25k tomorrow, week 1.

I read in my local newspaper of a 77-year-old lady who since she was 60 has run many 10k races and several half marathons, recently she ran the Great Scottish Run (half marathon), she said that she was so refreshed after the race that she decided to walk home rather than have a lift on her grandsons car, the walk home was 4 miles, good for her, I say to her, well done and congratulations

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GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to AlMorr

I was looking at a 10k locally for next year. On the website it showed the finishing times from 2017 as well as the year of birth of the contestant. Right towards the end was a chap born in 1927. He wasn’t last but who cares. I’ll be glad if I am alive at 90 never mi d running in 10k races

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Well done.

Recovery time is dependent on your fitness, which will rapidly improve, and how much effort you have put into the preceding run interval. If you slow down, you expend less energy, your recovery will be shorter.

Try it.

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Oldgal68Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I think my fitness is an issue, IannodaTruffe , so I will take your very good advice and slow down. Just learning as I go what I am and am not capable of, but am determined to get to the 30min, no matter how long it takes me!

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Oldgal68

You will, believe me.

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GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to Oldgal68

With that great attitude you will do it

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You might want to go slower. It's amazing just how many times you can slow down. It's not a race (at this stage). Have faith in the plan

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Oldgal68Graduate in reply to YvetteK

Wise advice, YvetteK, the c25k plan has got me this far, and I had no idea I could run for seconds never mind 5minutes. So glad that I have taken this on, it has given me the boost I needed to get fitter and leaner!

The heath benefits out way the pain of getting fit and staying fit. I don't enjoy the first five minutes of every run. The long slow ones are a breeze the faster race runs are still difficult. It's worth it and your body demands to be loved!

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Hi guys. Managed to complete W4r1 this afternoon, to my great surprise and delight. All down to everyone’s advice to go slow and steady, so thanks very much. Onwards and upwards again!

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