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Advice please

Hi all, I graduated last year and carried on running for three times a week, I'd noticed both my hips were hurting but I would just take painkillers before each run, until in September it just got so bad I could hardly walk the next day and so I stopped running altogether and started cycling but I don't enjoy that as much so that went by the wayside too...

I really enjoy running and have really missed it, but I'm worried I'm not doing my joints any favours. I'm 46, I've just been out and redone week 1 of couch to 5k today and my hips were fine.

I would really appreciate any advice. I have proper running shoes so I don't think that's the problem.

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There are many things that can go wrong with hips. The best thing to do really is to go and ask an expert - doctor, and/or a good physiotherapist. Hope you can figure it out!

Symptom searching online should be approached with caution, but it is at least a good idea to pinpoint whereabouts the pain actually is:



Running shoes are all about whether they are right for *you*. I had a well regarded brand fitted... when I used them in practice, my knees knocked together!

This is something you're really going to need to get checked out (with someone committed to helping you find an intelligent solution to enabling you to be active in a way that works for you - which may not be a harassed 30 something GP who doesn't know anything about running)


I totally agree with roseabi. You need a professional to help you understand the root cause and the best way to address it.


As we begin to run longer distances our hips can become tighter. There is lots on line about this. For this reason, I have just today (thank you GoogleMe for the pointer) begun yoga for runners which stretches and strengthens hips, hamstrings etc.

So I would take the advice above about talking to an expert, probably a physio who focuses on sport, but also consider if you are looking after your body appropriately as a runner.


Go onto the link and read it through please..



A sports physio will probably be able to tell you what's wrong and may be a little more sympathetic to runners than some doctors. Hope it's something that can be sorted.


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