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I have recently completed the C25k and have have run 5k a few times now but very slowly (45 minutes) but I am having trouble with energy. I look forward to my runs but within 5 minutes I feel worn out, thinking why am I doing this, I am not out of breath and I am not struggling I am just feeling worn out! I always push on slow and steady and finish the runs with only minor stopping for traffic.

What I would like to ask is what can I do to boost my energy levels? I have tried running different routes, times of day, alone and in groups but nothing works. Any suggestions are welcome as I so want to enjoy the actual running. Thanks.


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12 Replies

  • Do you eat before you run? A snack like a banana might help with your energy levels if you ate it half an hour or so before you went?

  • Hi, I have tried eating normal breakfast an hour before running (as worried about cramp) and sometimes wake, dress and out the door!

  • Food and water are good areas to start with. Look for advice on fueling 45 min runs rather than 5km. I am a back of the pack runner too and because we are out there a little longer we have to factor that in. For a 10km I have to add and extra 25 min of running time in so it is equivalent to a speedy runner running 15km, but your body just knows It's working out for 45 min it has no concept of what pace others run at,

  • It probably down to your body still adapting to your new workout levels. It can take a few weeks before you start to feel better in your running. Just a question is your feeling of tiredness in the first 5 -10 mins of running or is it throughout your entire run? If it just the first 5 - 10 mins your not alone in that regard as most runners testify to feeling a bit "leggy" if they are in a training cycle. Other than fuelling sensibly before a run a dynamic warm up should get your body ready for the run rather than running straight from the off.

  • Many people do not drink enough fluids. The government recommendation is to drink 1.2 litres per day, whereas our very own Rignold recommends 3 litres per day. If you are exercising, especially in warmer weather, then you need to keep levels up.

    This is going to vary by the individual, we are all different. The government figure would leave me thirsty and Rigs' number is probably nearer to my daily intake. Make sure you are hydrated the evening before your run as well immediately before. I drink a pint of water before leaving the house.

  • If you are not out of breath or struggling that sounds more psychological. I had it last night doing 25 minutes for the first time. 2 minutes in it seemed pointless and I wanted to give up and go home. A lot of posts here talk about the mental demands of running being as important as the physical.

    On the eating points I agree eating right before running is important for me but I suspect you also need a reasonable diet generally like the hydration advice being what you drink the day before not just the hour before.

  • As Realfoodieclub suggests.. fuel :) Exercise on rest days too, keeping the happy hormones going ...:)

  • Thank you all, I shall try these out and let you know how I get on. X

  • 45 mins is not slow, it is a very acceptable pace. Slow is sitting on the couch!

    We will never all be 30 minute 5k runners, it matters not!

    A slower 5k is as far as a quick 5k

    Enjoy and be proud! 😀💪🏻🏃🏻‍♀️

  • Have you tried listening to music or plays or audiobooks? I would be absolutely bored to tears running without my little recorder device, I tape a lot of things from the BBC radio website and it adds so much enjoyment to my runs and sometimes I am astonished when my 5K is up. (not often enough though LOL )

    But - no shame whatsoever in a 45 5k I want to add. You are a damn sight faster than a slob on a sofa! :) And more credit to you BECAUSE it does not some easy :)

  • Are you eating properly before your runs? I did C25K on just a banana for breakfast, but quickly found I needed to eat a bit more for longer runs...TBH, I remember feeling tired on my runs for quite a while after I graduated. At some point it began to feel easier, I'm not sure when that was....

  • I'm finding the heat very sapping and have found myself having to have a quick walk every ten minutes where as for the first month after graduation I was running the 30 mins three times a week

    My time remains the same so I think subconsciously my pace must have increased

    Now on ic after pulling calf muscle so may go back to week 6 when recovered

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