Advice please!

I completed c25k last Friday and felt amazing! I have continued to run 3 times this week for 30 mins still listening to week 9 as I like to know how long I've done and how long I have left. However, I have found 30 mins really hard this week, I don't know whether it is because while I was following the programme, I had the end to aim for and this kept me going.

I was wondering if I should perservere with 30 mins, even though I'm really knackered or should I perhaps do some 20 or 25 min runs until I can do it more easily? I'm reluctant to cut back in some ways as I know I can complete 30 mins, but I also want to continue running and don't want to stop enjoying it.

Also I'm not really sure how far I'm running - not that this bothers me, but my iPhone says I am doing 5k in total which includes the warm up and cool down walk, but a pedometer I bought only says I'm doing around 3.5k

Any advice please?


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19 Replies

  • Pedometers are notoriously inaccurate. Your phone is a better guide.

    Congratulations on finishing the programme and starting the rest of your running life. It is a good idea to consolidate at 30 minutes for a couple of weeks, but you can vary the type of running you do. Try intervals or hills and try the C25K+ podcasts, which many folk swear by, although I never tried because I really couldn't face any more of that music. There is always parkrun, which I certainly do recommend.

    It is said that it takes twelve weeks to create a habit, so bear that in mind.

  • I wish to high heavens they had Parkrun over here - what a great resource.

  • Start one, John!! The parkrun organisation will provide loads of support and you can spread the word about what a brilliant scheme it is.

  • I was going to suggest the same :) ! There are a couple in the US. but they seem to mostly be populated by visitors and ex-pats... it's a shame.

  • I looked into it but there just isn't the interest here and City Hall was not enthusiastic about allowing it in the Park even if it did get off the ground. America can be a strange place at times.. .

  • A shame. The cynic in me thinks that it might work in the US if people had to pay.

  • The pace of life here is impossible to comprehend without experiencing it. Working hours are longer, commutes are murderous, distances between homes and facilities greater. It is hard to organize things involving more than a few people, plus there is also the whole liability thing that has to be taken into account. But, hopefully it will happen. I keep spreading the news :)

  • So pleased you said that about pedometers- I was so disheartened on my first post grad run to think I wasn't doing anywhere near as far as I thought! Still never thought I'd be running for 30 mins though 😊

  • I continued after graduation for quite a while just focusing on the time I ran - thirty five minutes on my US version - to get to it. When I had that to where I knew I could run further I started increasing the time. for me its about distances and not speed - although in a moment of madness I did run a 10K way before I should have and the lure of 'going for it' be it 'speed' or 'distance' is as strong as it can be subtle LOL

    I figure distance comes secondary to time. I like to know how far I've run but its not my priority. I figure I will - hopefully - run many different routes in - even more hopefully - years to come :) They will all be different and the 'PB' on one won't really be transferable to the other ones. A 30 minute 5K on a downhill is not the same as a forty five on an uphill :)

    I also figure that at some stage I will reach my 'ultimate personal distance' and then will decide if I want to improve my time over that, or run a shorter distance 'faster' or some variation or combination.

    To me it's all about time - I want to go as far as I can and if I go far enough I will pass the Gazelles when they run out of speed anyway LOL :)

    Hope this helps in some way, and that you find and run your own run :)

  • I think it is important to have a target in mind in your earlier days as a runner.

    It is a bit strange when you have completed a structured programme to be suddenly left to your own devices. I certainly found that to be the case. I was fortunate to have a running buddy on here and we kept pushing each other on.

    I would advise that you consolidate the 30 mins and then perhaps look at another programme to push on (if you wish to run further). There are plenty of programmes out there. Good luck

  • I feel EXACTLY the same as you! Second post grad run yesterday and it was supremely difficult, 1st was bad enough so this time I took Laura along but still so damn hard. I'm convinced it's those pesky gremlins, I'm just going to have to push on and continue 30 mins x 3 times a week as I think we've come to far to let the gremlins beat us! Please let this get easier ...! Good luck 😉

  • Thanks for all your comments and I'm glad I'm not alone Val52! I think we spend 9 weeks increasing time and distance each week and amaze ourselves that we can do it and then when we suddenly start finding it more difficult it's a bit demoralising. I have signed up to a running course which starts soon too.

  • I'm wondering if you'd find something like the Strava app gives you more insight that just your phone. The free version will give you info about your pace, broken down into sections, pace over the run etc and it will also tell you your PBS over various distances and inclines. You can also set segments to measure you time on (and you will probably find there are plenty already set up by others running near you)

    Sometimes I'm slower overall but realise I started faster then slowed etc and I can set various goals.

  • I would advise you consolidate those 30 minute runs (with or without Laura) for a couple more weeks. It's very easy to cut back to 20 minutes because you're finding it hard and then you have to re-convince your head that you CAN do 30 minutes, while that bugger of a gremlin keeps telling you it was a fluke!

    Congrats on graduating, it's an awesome feeling isn't it. Wishing you many, many happy miles 😊😊😊

  • Thank you, and yes I have decided to continue with 30 mins, probably just had a bad week! The support on this forum is amazing-it's really helps x

  • Hi Tracey997, I'm so glad you posted, I've just done my 4th post graduation run today two of which have not been 30 mins, today's effort was just 20 mins with a couple of half hearted sprints on my walk back. I was using the stepping stones with Laura but couldn't muster the oomph to finish. Throughout the programme, although I found it hard, the goal was in sight. Its comforting to know that others are experiencing the same thing..having said that, I'm going to change my route and listen to something else and see if that does the trick. Wishing you many fine runs in the future.

  • Hi Lupinsmum it's nice to know it's "normal" to feel like this. I've found all 3 post grad runs this week much harder than my final week of the programme! Just back from some retail therapy though and bought new running gear to make sure I don't give up 😜 Good luck to you too for your next few runs, let's hope this is just a blip and we'll both get on better now. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on xxx

  • New running gear is always a good incentive! My hubby and son bought me a garmin forerunner watch so I definitely can't give up. Thank goodness for all you lovely people on this forum. So good to know I'm not struggling alone. Good luck and happy running to all you recent graduates 😊

  • Just been for an unplanned run, as tried on my new gear, and thought, might as well! I run with my dog, so I'd have taken him for a walk anyway. So new gear definitely an incentive! Good luck to you too and you're not struggling alone xx

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