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Weight loss help please.

So I'm doing pretty well on c25k, I'm on week 7 doing 2-3 runs a week. Problem is that I haven't lost a single pound. I don't know where I'm going wrong. I haven't been perfect with my eating but I have made a concerted effort and cut down on the take aways - I even cooked risotto for the first time the other day. On my Fitbit app it says I need a deficit of 750 calories to loose 1.5lb a week but that hardly leaves me with anything. I'm feeling very deflated. Husband says I've lost inches but this might be him just being kind, I just wish the scales were so considerate. Any advice? Or anyone in a similar situation? I won't give up the running, I genuinely enjoy it too much but I expected it to help my weight loss way more than it is. Xx

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I was the same! My thoughts are that underneath my wobble muscles (which weigh more) are getting bigger preparing my body for bigger runs. I'm just aiming for a 500 calorie daily deficit which doesn't always happen! Eventually with longer runs I'll burn more calories so it will be easier to get that deficit. I'm on week 9 and somehow in the last two weeks the scales have finally shifted by 6lbs! I'm quite overweight though, I now weigh 12st11 :)

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Thanks for sharing this. I think I perhaps saw running as a magic fix that would melt the far away instantly. I'm starting to think it may be more about diet. :-( I am overweight at 10 stone due to the fact that I'm only 4ft 11in. Seems impossible to shift anything. Even concise ring going to the doctors for some advice. Xx

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On my runs this week (30 minutes) I'm burning about 400 cals, so there's my deficit. It will come off eventually, it might take longer than expected but it will. :) xxx

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Losing weight is long and hard!!! Over the past 2 years I have lost 8 inches around my waist - BUT probably only around 5-6 KG.  During this time I have "run" 2000 klms!! I went on a two month long cruise in Jan & Feb of this year - came back 3 Kgs heavier.  I have now gotten rid of it - but it took me 2 months and I ran 160 klms in that time.  

Bottom line is - we put on weight quite slowly - and we can only lose it as slowly. Problem is that if you overeat by say 500 calories per day over a period of 10 years - and put on weight . To lose that weight , firstly you have to cut out the 500 calories just to stay where you are and not put on more weight - THEN you have to cut a further 500 calories to get back to where you were - 10 YEARS AGO!!!!!

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Unfortunately, losing weight is still quite tricky - even by week 8 and 9! When it comes to losing fat, it's all about calorie deficit. Have a search through this forum for 'weight loss' and look at some of the advice given on there - there's a huge amount!

I'm doing 1200 calories a day with my running 3 times a week using myfitnesspal. Its the only thing that surefire works. Yes, it's hard but as soon as you get a routine, it's not that bad. And the results outweigh the effort. It's all about being aware of your nutrition, planning ahead and breaking all your bad habits. You can do it :D

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I would definitely look at inches as well as your scales. When I started the programme I thought the lbs would drop off quicker than they have - for the first few weeks I only lost about a lb a week. However I have definitely noticed my clothes feeling looser so it's definitely having an impact somewhere! Rather than just concentrating too much on what numbers the scales show you, think about how your clothes feel on you as the weeks go on. Scales can be so hit and miss depending on a number of factors - mine can fluctuate between 1-5 lbs even though they're a good set, I put them in the same place and weighed at the same time of day. So I now go to weightwatchers as theirs are much more accurate

Definitely agree with this. I've lost about 9lb since January which, if you listen to people on slimming world who lose 3-4lb every week, isn't a good loss. I started it last year and stopped because that just doesn't happen for me, even when I stick to it perfectly! So I don't pay much attention to the scales, but I measure myself every 3 weeks or so and consistently see a loss - nearly 4" off my hips and waist, and I've noticed my arms and legs getting smaller too. I'm tracking calories with myfitnesspal and just doing what it tells me!

I do slimming world and this week I am on the I.C. due to a sprained ankle. Normally I lose 1 maybe 2lbs a week. This week I lost 5.5lbs between my Saturday morning weigh in and Thursday evening weigh in. The only difference from any other week was the lack of exercise!! Weight loss is a very strange thing!!

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It takes time, effort and willpower Billings. Simple and straightforward. You don't need a doctor to tell you that. You know it, it's just getting down to the nitty gritty and doing it. It takes time though but you'll get rid of it if you're doggedly determined, but you have to make CHANGES.  Unless you change what's stopping your weight loss you won't get anywhere. Once you accept that change is necessary then you can move forward and start tackling the things that are holding you back. 

Be prepared to dig in for the long haul. It won't happen quickly. Running will certainly help you as will moving much more generally. Be assured though if you ditch the takeaways, biscuits, crisps, cakes etc etc then you will see a change.  Making the switch to fresh food, eg fruit and vegetables, lean protein, seeds, nuts, beans etc then you'll be losing weight and getting healthy.  You don't lose weight every week though but the trend should certainly be down once you get on the right path.  Having accepted that you need to change things then it's quite a relief and you can crack on. First up is clearing out what shouldn't be there. Setting yourself up for success is a good plan. Healthy eating should become a way of life as should exercise

Good luck. I hope you take the plunge. It's well worth it as is C25k programme. You won't look back once you've dived in head first

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I suspect your husband is not just being kind. I lost a small amount of weight doing C25k, enough to get from 'obese' to 'overweight'... but my butt changed shape and I no longer had a 'bustle'.

(Although if I was relying entirely on 'results', especially the tape measure and dress size sort I would be utterly despondent... my scales are a much better friend to me than the tape measure, I've not lost weight evenly at all)

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I also expected to shift weight quickly, after all you don't see fat athletes. The problem is that during the C25K program you aren't running great distances it's not until you are doing more miles and eating healthily that you will shift weight. BUT you are doing something great for your body, so don't feel deflated and don't give up. Take the time to look at yourself and you will see and feel changes and should by now be feeling healthier.

There is a trap to be aware of, don't be tempted to over eat because you are exercising. And although nuts and seeds are brilliant for you, they are also high calorie foods which need to be included in your daily intake. Be truthful about what you are consuming, use a food diary if it helps.

I graduated at the end of February and only now, people are noticing that I have lost weight and look healthy, my bathroom scales are not convinced, but my clothes are, and to be told I am glowing made me feel better than anything else people have said. 

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Good that you are enjoying your running, it will be a great benefit to your general health. You should not worry about losing weight quickly, far better to loose it slowly it is said because that way it will stay lost. We gradually increase in weight because we get into the habit of consuming more calories than we burn. Our bodies become accustomed to this net calorie intake. Unfortunately when we reduce daily colorie intake, our bodies try to compensate by slowing the metabolism so that we conserve calories.  Running will help to maintain a faster metabolism and so burn more calories, even during the time you are not running.

A recent study found that it takes about 12 months for our bodies to become accustomed to a new weight and to stop trying to regain our old weight. 

Planning what you will eat each day I find very helpful. There are some useful websites where you can log your daily calorie intake, and calories burnt through exercise. They tell you whether you've eaten enough today, and predict you weight loss.

You should not aim to loose more than 1Kg per month I think. Like the running, take it steadily, and in the long run the results are more sure :)

Good, luck with your weight loss, your running will be even better for it.

Happy Running

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What everyone else said. It's all about the food and you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet. 30 minutes running burns around 380 calories for me, which is, what, less than a piece of cake.

Chuck out the processed food and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, lean protein and some whole grains. Watch your portion sizes. Keep up the running.

I also hoped to lose weight doing couch to 5k, I guess I was lucky as I did at least lose 3lbs by the end, and I definitely lost inches. But as I had about 2 stone to lose I followed c25k with the NHS 12 week weight loss plan and applied the same ethos as c25k. I basically introduced small changes each week, tried not to overfocus on calories although the calories do matter, and introduced strength exercises alongside the running. I'm now 2.5 stone lighter and have lost 6 inches off my waist. But as others have said here it takes time. I started c25k in Jan 15 and the 12 week weight loss plan in May 15. So approx 1 year+ which is a healthy rate I think.

You can find out what sort of calories you need to stick to using the NHS BMI calculator. If you're overweight it gives you a recommended calorie range for losing weight based on your height and weight - we're all different so it's worth playing around until you find out what works for you. I aimed for 1400 cals/day but in reality went over 1500 most days yet still lost weight. So it doesn't have to be drastic, just measured.

I am exactly the same and gutted that like you not lost even 1 lb😟. It must be doing us some good though X 

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Just use how your clothes fit to see the changes. Muscle is heavier than fat so the scales really won't show your fat loss.

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