Week 4 run 6, I will NOT give up!

Yes you read correctly, I am on my 6th attempt of week 4 runs ans still haven't managed the full 5 minutes.

Went out today in the pouring rain and managed to run for the full 16 minutes for the first time but only in 3 and 2 minute chunks with 90 second walks in between

Run 7 on Sunday wish me luck - I could be on week 4 for a very long time


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11 Replies

  • Keep at it and it will come. Your attitude and determination is inspirational to newbies. Well done!

  • I got stuck completely on week 3 and had to do it three times in total so I sympathise. You will get there and you will be a stronger runner for it. Love your spirit.

  • This may sound like lunacy, but try going on to W5. W5R1 is only 3 runs...granted they are longer runs, but there is also a longer walking period between them also. (I'm wondering if you are fully recovered before starting the next interval.) If you have to stop before the 5 minutes are up, do the next scheduled walk but lengthen it until you feel fully recovered. Then do the next interval, again running as far as you can. Don't worry about how long you are running, how fast you are running, or anything else. (I've found personally that as soon as I start tensing up, worrying about how I'm doing, I just wreck the entire run.) Stop when you must. Do the next scheduled walk again, as long as you need to. Do the last run until you have to stop again. Do the cool down walk. Count WHATEVER you did as a WIN. Take the rest day (or 2) and do W5R2 in the same way you did R1.

    Our minds are a powerful thing, and yours has convinced you that you can't do W4R3. It may be that you are just "hung up" on this particular workout. Many others have noticed that once they get to the longer runs, it actually seems easier.

    Are you taking the rest days? Perhaps 2 rest days between would be better for you. I noticed in an earlier blog you mentioned you are using an inhaler. For me, high humidity just kills my breathing (I also use an inhaler), and let's face it...high humidity has been the order of the day lately.

    See how this goes, Skandia. Unless you are experiencing pain, physically you can do it. But if you are having any pain AT ALL, see your GP before continuing. Those first weeks are hard, there is no question about it. But it's about training your mind as well as your body.

    Make sure you let us know how it goes.

  • I am also stuck on week 4, have not run since Monday as I have a poorly child so am dreading my next attempt which will be on Monday. It will be my 5th go and like you I am only managing 2 to 3 mins of the 5min sections. Will keep going until I conquer it. Keep up the good work . Good luck with your next run, we CAN do it.

  • Good luck! I'm sure you'll do it this time. If not, I think the advice someone posted above about doing the first run of week 5 sounds like a good idea. I'm starting week 4 this weekend and I'm dreading it!

  • It's great that your persevering, I'm sure your attitude will get you there eventually. I'm starting week 4 soon & will bear in mind all I've read here, loads of good advice thanks.

  • Oh and GOOD LUCK!

  • I agree with what has already been suggested, that is move on to week 5 and give it a go. Also I find that if I take an extra days rest in between runs that I have found hard, it helps a lot.

  • Thanks everyone, I have had loads of good advice here. Putting them all into practice for my next run on Sunday

  • I would say give the next week a go, it may be just that you need a change, and if you are running out of puff try slowing down, this will help you go the distance

  • Don't worry about it. I did Week 2 9 times, Week 3 10 times and Week 4 4 and a half times - I failed dismally on the first attempt. And here I am on Week 5 - today I did the 8 minutes, then the second 8 minutes plus an extra four. So it is all good - you are still running, which is great. Perhaps you need an extra day's rest, perhaps you need to move on - whatever feels best for you. Are you hydrated enough before you start?

    Your determination is wonderful - keep it up. Good luck on Sunday and let us know how it goes :)

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