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W5R3 and on the Injury Couch :-(

So on Friday I gave W5R3 another go and had to stop after about 10 minutes or so with pain in my heel. I'm pretty sure it's plantar fasciitis , but have an appointment this week to get it properly diagnosed. In the meantime, I've been doing the recommended heel stretches.

I'm so disappointed as the run had been feeling good, and do-able so I was really looking forward to progressing onto W6.

I can still go to the gym and hopefully maintain the level of fitness that I've got too, but obviously need to be careful and take some proper advice.

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Hi Sarah, That's a bummer .... and for me too, because I needed you to tell me that Week 5 was a doddle really and that you now didn't understand what you made such a fuss about before!! Just done W3R3 today, not too hard but pretty slow pace. Can't even imagine how I'll do W4. Get better quickly. X


Thank you. I'm just so frustrated as I really felt 'in the zone', but thought it was better to stop straight away than risk anything more serious.

I'm sure you'll find W4 a breeze and you'll be past me in no time. X


That is such a blow. 😦 Have you had a gait analysis yet? And are you running in well cushioned shoes? Sorry if you've already been asked these things but it's the most obvious culprit. Also, if you're listening to the podcasts with Laura, she tells you to strike the ground heel first, which everyone advises against!

I hope you get the problem diagnosed quickly and it doesn't put you out of action for too long.


Thank you. Yes, I got my gait analysis done at the beginning of December and bought some pretty decent shoes as a result. I don't listen to Laura so it would probably be unreasonable of me to hold her responsible :-)

As its only on one foot, I do wonder if it's maybe postural as I had an op on the knee on the same side this time last year. As a result I can't lock my knee out to get a decent hamstring and calf stretch.

I'm so frustrated as I'd had a couple of iffy weeks, and was feeling back in the zone again.

Thanks again.


Sounds like it could be linked to the knee doesn't it. I do hope you get it sorted quickly, it is unbelievably frustrating I know.


I can feel your frustration through your post. Don't worry, you had a legitimate reason to stop and it's definitely better to be careful. The runs will still be there when you recover. Injuries will come up time to time in our running journey but we can get back out there and get back to where we were before. :)


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