Does anyone else feel a numpty doing this?

Hi peeps,

I'm building up my fitness again after injury/illness but this time doing the NHS Strength and Flex exercises on run rest days.

Is anyone else doing this programme or has done it?

Did you feel an idiot doing chest presses and arm "rowing" in public while walking? I bloody do! To such an extent where I now do them in my tiny flat. Talk about ever-decreasing circles! :-D


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  • I have done them outside and in. I personally find I get more from the workout when I do it indoors. I use my cross trainer or small trampoline for the walking bits. I did all the podcasts outdoors and got over my initial "weird feeling" but I agree it took me a while. it is a good workout though and there is a forum dedicated to the workouts.

  • A trampoline and / or cross trainer indoors sounds fab. Sadly I'd have difficulty accommodating either in my tiny flat. I get round the walking parts by doing those big stepping, arm swinging movements that people do in fitness classes when warming up. Thanks so much for posting the link - I will have a look at it.

  • I eventually retreated indoors too - more because of the activities needing props than because of qualms about throwing my arms about where people might see me.

  • Nope.. I am with Realfoodieclub , and I , also prefer indoors.. using my cross-trainer too.. I used them on rest days through to graduation and still use them as and when. I found them really useful :) used them a lot whilst on the IC with broken ribs.. ( not the arm things though)

    Also.. I don't really mind what folk think.. I see loads of folks doing stranger things :)

  • "I see folks doing stranger things" - LOL :-D

  • So true... ! :)

  • Love your attitude Oldfloss! I'm better than I was but still forget sometimes not to care about what others think. :)

  • Tee hee.. I have always been.. err a tad eccentric :)

    The only thing that would bother me is if I felt I was offending anyone by my actions etc;

    e.g. I have stopped skinny dipping off the North Wales coast ( secluded beach, you understand), because I feel the sight of this ancient bod, (even though it is lean and mean from C25K) :) .. would be too much of a shock to any passing, coastal path walker!

  • You actually used to skinny dip?! That's brilliant! :D On my bucket list perhaps but not brave enough just yet. Eccentricity is wonderful. :)

  • Yep!

    A little beach off the Lleyn peninsula; I scared the life out of some fishermen once, who came around a headland from the next bay :)

    I used to swim too, every New Year's Day, in Cardigan Bay..not skinny dipping though. Husband forbade me to do that after last year as he felt it was a little dangerous.. I think he thought he would have to rescue me..:)

    So much fun to be had, and costing nothing ,I have a great photo of me swimming off the Lleyn and there is a huge seal behind me.. did not even know it was there, until husband said, " don't want to scare you..but..."

    Eccentricity is good, if it hurts no-one and life is to be lived, but sometimes we get lost in our own little mazes... :)

  • You're amazing, Floss! What wonderful stories you have from your adventures. :)

  • Just loopy.. :)

  • I don't care. Older ladies have a cloak of invisibility. Maybe you're not old enough yet 😁

    You could give it a whirl by first downloading Footloose, then going out on a run with it. In the woods if you feel self conscious. I don't know of anyone that wouldn't just go for it πŸ˜„

  • Hi MissW. What is Footloose please? I take it you don't mean the Kenny Loggins song? And by that reference shall ye know that I am indeed old enough for the cloak of invisibility! :-D

  • No, I didn't feel silly, and no one took a blind bit of notice of me while I was doing it. If you're dressed in work out gear, you are clearly working out, and who cares anyway if people think you're silly?

  • I run/walk with the dog in a forest which is usually deserted so the only funny looks I got were from the dog who wondered what on earth I was doing!! The problem I found was finding something to substitute a bench. What I do now is some of the exercises at the end of a run, like the usual stretches but a few more. I use the gate into the forest to do the pull ups. Not ideal and I am still struggling to get motivated!

  • I tried it once and felt a fool never did it again lol

  • Phew! Glad I am not the only one, then! :-D

  • I took my son with me (19) used him when there wasn't a tree or bench available, made me feel better about doing it but don't think he was too impressed lol

  • I preferred outside but it is easier to do indoors (or in the garden), certainly until the better weather comes.

    I was once teased by a bunch of 11 (I would guess) year old boys but I stopped to chat with them (in multiple languages at one point for some reason, the next time I saw them one said he thought I was Spanish!) and they always acknowledge me politely if I see them now. I think they were a bit taken aback that I didn't ignore them or tell them off.

    One time a small boy was learning to ride his bike and we kept passing each other, I cheered him on which seemed to help his confidence a bit.

    But the worst was on a Sunday afternoon, it didn't bother me that the park was full of people of all ages, but that they were using all the benches, so I had nowhere to do the bench exercises :)

  • What does it matter what other folk think? πŸ˜ƒ Your health and wellbeing transends such stuff πŸ™‚

    Yes, I meant kenny logins! Go on, get throwing some shapes. You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions πŸ˜„

  • Love it

  • I haven't done this yet but I know I should! Helpful to know you can do it indoors. I think I'd prefer that, particularly in this chilly weather!

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