Does anyone else get really tired doing this?

I usually run in the evenings after work (as the thought of getting up earlier in the morning horrifies me!) and after the post run endorphin fuelled high has worn off, I'm really tired and really exhausted the next day.

I guess my body is still adjusting to all the extra effort being put into this relatively new exercise plan (I'm on week 5) and I am watching my calories - so there are fewer going in, but shouldn't I have more energy by now?


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8 Replies

  • I don't know how you run in the evenings! I've been setting my clock for 5.30, so I can quickly feed my baby before i go out about 6am. I thought I would be exhausted all day but it seems ok at the moment, (wk3), maybe try a morning? You might suprise yourself, the endorphins will benefit you all day then. Other things to consider would be your iron levels, and general nutritional status, and of course water. Being dehydrated makes me feel sooo tired.

    Hope it gets better for you xx

  • I do mornings at the weekend, and I admit, I do enjoy them and it sets me up for the day, just can't see myself getting up super early during the week. I don't know how you do it!

    I think you have got it though, Iron! That is what I am missing. I drink a lot of water so that's ok. I use the myfitnesspal app to track my nutrition (it's a brilliant app!) and have just checked it and iron certainly seems to be consistently lacking! Thanks, I'm off to eat some spinach :)

  • Play around to see what works best for you. I used to find it really difficult to do any exercise straight after work but with an hour or so to unwind it was then okay. My favourite times to run are just before sunset (as long as we're eating late) or mid morning. Afternoons are really difficult for me so tend to avoid if I can.

    If I run in the evening I do have to watch how much I drink to make sure I rehydrate myself sufficiently otherwise I can feel like I have a mild hangover the next day

  • hi, I have a cycle commute (an hour round trip), so usually just have a few mins after I get home for a banana and glass of water, quick change into my running gear and then I'm out again. I know that if I wait till later, the sofa will just be too alluring to leave and I guess getting it out of the way spurs me on to do it! I feel ok once I get into the run just really tired the next day.

  • I have a baby and I have an hour commute to work every day, so like you, I can only exercise in the evenings. I find it really challenging, but if it's the only time I have, well, it has to do. Good luck!!!

  • I like running in the evenings after being cooped up in the office all day. I find it good to get that burst of fresh air and get moving and to destress. There have been some beautiful evening skies recently too as the sun sets. Not looking forward to when it's dark though..

  • Coming to the end of week one after starting with two sessions where I didn't manage to complete all the runs. I'm running in the morning though still experimenting with timing.

    I'm pretty tired after and when I get home I'm feeling a bit icky.... a little nauseous and light headed. Have to defer any stretching and showering as I feel too ill to do so immediately. I'm ok in about 10-15 minutes. Because of where I live I have a 10-15 minute uphill walk at the end instead of the 5 minutes on the podcast. Checked the blood sugar but it's not been too low (type 2 diabetic) so it's not that. Will talk with practice nurse at my appointment next week.

  • If you are worried about feeling sick when you get home, you should definitely speak to someone about it. Maybe you are pushing yourself too hard? Hope week 2 goes well and keep blogging, the support on here is amazing!

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