Does anyone else feel...?

Does anyone else feel self-conscious when they run? Like maybe I'm not wearing the right clothes, everyone will know I'm not really a runner or that I really have no clue what I'm doing, or that people will be laughing at me, or my sweaty panting face...? I mean, i don't care that much really, but I do feel it a bit...


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28 Replies

  • I did but then I kept running and forgot to!

  • did a bit first week, but now i dont give a ****. really people dont care if your running, they look once and carry on. what do you think when you see a runner pass by? nothing right.

  • Yes! I used to only enjoying running in the evening when it was darker so noone could really see me, but now I just think I'll probably never see them again anyway so who cares?

  • I give EVERYONE a cheery 'Morning!'. I usually get a smile and a cheery response back., occasionally a look of surprise........I think that's because I have the breathe to speak as well as run (slowly). People really are doing their own thing, they are not at all interested in us runners. Just enjoy😃

  • Most of my running stuff was still in the wash this morning so I grabbed what was left and put it on. Bright blue capris, maroon t-shirt, green shoes and grayish green socks. Then a white baseball cap to keep the sun off my nose. I was certainly not colour-coordinated. Nobody gave me a second glance except for one Japanese runner who I see most Sundays who gave me a very cheery good morning, a big grin and a wave as we passed each other. Really nobody gives a toss what we look like!

  • Nobody even notices runners if you ask me, except perhaps other runners, and then they just check out your shoes....head up and be proud - you are a C25K-er!

  • That's so true! I always look at people's shoes and usually feel very jealous of their bright colours!

  • I find it depends on how the run is going, I'm sure I look the same every time I go out but some days I feel l like I am flying and could keep up with Usian Bolt and my confidence is high, some days I feel like I'm a middle aged beetroot faced puff machine who is just about moving faster than my walking pace. I don't think I really would want to see a film of myself running I like the illusions especially on the good days. 😀.

  • I started running in a pair of old jogging pants and layers of tees, fleece, waterproof walking jacket, hat, and I went out when it was dark because I felt foolish.

    Now I have skinny running tights because I have legs that look like legs rather than chicken drumsticks and technical tees that fit me rather than tent tees that hide layers of blubber. I go out running whenever I feel like it and run for me and don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks.

    When I started I think I got a few "looks" but it was probably just the person weighing up whether I was going to keel over in front of them and would they need to resuscitate me.

    Now, I smile at everyone and enjoy my new found running superpower as we all should.

  • I think that too! How can she be running in all that stuff, I'd spontaneously combust (and I always look like I'm about to, anyway).

  • Sorry, I've just realised my comment is in reply to Minimaxi below. Dur! Should have put my glasses on!

  • The only thing I ever notice is when other runners wear more layers than I when I already feel like I'm going to melt :D Even then it doesn't go beyond "Aaah I would be so hot", 7 seconds later I forget all about them.

  • When I first started, I used to run in an empty lot behind a high wall where nobody could see me. I finally ventured out and just feel happy to be able to run, however I look. I really don't think most people notice runners much.

  • Yes. Everyone here did :) Then after a while your sense of pride, joy and accomplishment completely overwhelms and negates those feelings :)

    I run past a building where the Secretaries still think it's funny to yell things like "oooh look girls! - Forrest is back!" and such-like out the windows. I would have felt mortified if that was going on in my first few weeks, now I just smile, wave and run on while understanding the reason they keep trying to make ME a figure of fun is to distract themselves from the feelings of inadequacy they have when they see someone doing what they wish they could do.

    Because I guarantee you - not one runner "Gazelle" or "Jogger" does not at bottom respect what another runner does ;)

    Anyway, maybe one day I will not only smile and wave - I will stop and pass a bunch of business cards from some Cardiac Surgeons office to them through the windows and tell them they will need them LONG before I ever will ;)

  • Right, let's get this straight. You do NOT have an invisible post-it on your forehead that informs everyone how long you have been running. When you see a runner, in those few seconds that they are running past you, can you decipher if they have been running for a week, a month, a year or a decade? Probably not... if you even notice them at all. ;)

    There are so many of us out there now that you are just another nutter in trainers for the majority of people. Don't worry about what other people think - you don't know them, and you shouldn't give a flying f*** whether they approve of your running attire. What is important is whether you are comfortable in that clothing, and whether you are going to achieve your goal in it. When you go to bed at night, you should be proud of your achievement, not silently wishing you had gone out with confidence rather than trying to work out what that man walking his dog thought of you in fluorescent lycra.

    Google the very sweaty and red-faced Jodie Foster at the beginning of "The Silence of the Lambs", and quiver in sympathy and quiet respect as you see her loaded down in a heavy, soggy cotton sweatshirt and jogging bottoms. Then put on your lycra, get out there and enjoy every step, Kiddo - because that's all that counts.

  • Hi mfamilias good to see you here again. Spookily, I watched that film recently and thought exactly the same thing! Poor Clarice in all that heavy sweaty gear. Thank gawd for Lycra 🤗

  • It's great to be back. Yup, I wouldn't be able to run 100 feet in all that gear, but then again I'm not a super dooper FBI profiler.

  • I use to when I first started but now I don't give a toss and wear the brightest coloured gear ever. This has disadvantages if you need to jump into a bush to have a pee mid-run 😏

    Seriously, no one really notices us as they're too busy immersed in their own lives. Be a runner and be proud 😊

  • I'm feeling less so now I'm nearing the end, I've kinda got that ' I don't care' mentality 😀

    My problem is l sometimes pass a lot of runners I know, the school gate lot🙄 Very fit and very bit##y🙄🙄

    I try not to think about them, although I still find myself speeding up as I pass ( opposite direction obviously 😆) and deliberately avoiding them. They might get a few giggles out of me plodding on but I'm doing it for me and if they think that's funny they're not nice enough people to waste my time worrying about.

    I'll remind myself I just said that next time I see the Lycra clad gym bunnies speeding towards me😉😂

  • Wow, what a response! You guys are amazing, thank you!! x

  • We (they actually!!!) Really are😀

    You won't go wrong listening to the brill advice here👍

    Good luck on your next 🏃 👍

  • I used to. I only ran round my garden initially. Now I've realised no one is looking anyway.

  • I think everyone feels a tad foolish when they start, possibly because you start out just running in whatever you have already that you can move in, but then once you've realised that it's not a 5-minute wonder you start treating yourself to little bits of decent kit usually starting with some good trainers, then a pair of leggings, then a cropped pair for the summer, a good sports bra, more leggings for when the others are in the wash, padded socks, high-viz for the winter .... And yes, you do end up checking other runners' kit out - in my case it's usually from the back as they steam past me!!

  • Hi Minxygirl. I am still at the procrastinating phase and haven't started running yet because I am so worried that people might be judging me because I am overweight. It's the only thing that seems to be stopping me at the moment!

  • Do you have a friend that would run with you? That might help xx

  • My friends think I am crackers for wanting to run apart from one friend who does half marathons on a weekly basis. I plan on becoming comfortable running 5k then ask her if she wouldn't mind if I tagged along.

    I did go out for the first time today and I am pretty sure noone even noticed me so that made me happy :)

  • Oh that's great to hear!! Well done you!! Let me know how you get on this week x

  • Thanks Minxygirl, I will try to keep posting my progress in here :D

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