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The end is nigh... W9r2

Ok, so it's the end of the beginning (again!). But it's finally getting close, a mere nine months after I last started week 1!

Today I decided to learn the lesson of last weekend, so as soon as I got back after Miss Rainbow2's gym class, I got changed and went out for my run. It's beautiful out there - slightly misty, but with the sun breaking through. Some frost and ice in shady places, but mostly just enough above freezing to have melted. Gorgeous!

Having struggled with the hill out of the village on the past two occasions, I decided to head straight for it to get it over and done with! It's always a challenge facing it so early on the run before I've found the rhythm, but at least this way I knew it would be over soon. Cedric tried muttering that I couldn't do it and should just walk, but I know he lies, so ignored him. Even when I got to the level bit he tried to tell me to walk to let my legs recover, but I ignored him still and just made sure I was going gently so my legs were recovering while I kept going.

Up to the end of the road, and nowhere near half way on the podcast so I decided to head down the bridlepath towards the windmill, wondering how far along it I'd get. Well, I kept going and kept going, and eventually got to the end, so turned up the lane to the windmill itself just a moment after Laura finally told me I was half way.

Quick decision - keep going along the lane back to the main road or turn round and head back the way I'd come. No question - doing the loop would involve a nice downhill (lovely), them a killer uphill, so back I turned, happy that since the route so far had been almost all gradually uphill, so going back would be far more pleasant.

And it was. Gently along the bridlepath, stray up the gentle hill back towards the village, then enjoy going down the hill into the village. Just as I got to the speed limit sign, that was it, all done.

So the next one is graduation. I can barely believe it! I'm so glad I've managed to keep going through all the changes and challenges of the past nine months, and have enough future plans to keep me going at least for a while...! :) And for today, I'm going to rejoice in a lovely run, and bravely face going into town with Miss Rainbow this afternoon. Flat shoes, for sure - got to keep the knee happy :)

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Brilliant run, terrific post. The shiny badge awaits😀🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏼


So close now...!! :D


Since then, I've spent a couple of hours walking round town, and my knee is still fine. Yaaaay! Roll on Tuesday evening... :)

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Well done, what a lovely run! Sounds like you nailed those hills. Nearly at graduation, again. Hope it feels just as great as the first time. :)

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Nearly there! \O/


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