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Couch to 5K
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The end is nigh

The end is nigh

W8R3 complete! Woo hoo!

For all the new starters out there just stick with the program and you’ll be there.

8 weeks ago I was out of breath going up the stairs at home. I would sometime struggle with a lengthy conversation because of my asthma and how unfit I was.

8 weeks later and I am cheating on the week 8 as I am running 30 minutes instead of 28. And not out of breath.

Take it slow. And then slow down a bit more. My comfortable pace would mean that I am doing 5km in 40 minutes. So don’t fee that you have to go hell for leather. Just slowly joffle (jog/shuffle) along.

And bit by bit, week by week you’ll also be typing about your journey.

Just keep us all informed as you do because the things I found I needed as I did this was a decent set of running shoes and the posts in this forum.

Go slow.

Enjoy it.

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Brilliant, well done mate, I'm loving joffle.

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Thanks mate.

For all those out there that keep saying they will do it but never will.....stop your waffling and start your joffling!


the joffling is getting you to that podium...


Three more runs to go la la la la -- where's our friend the purple puffing snuffler now? Just look at this sleek runner go joffling by....

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I can’t get down off this podium, it’s too high so I’ll just wait till you get here to help me down & I’ll give you a leg up!!! Cant say I haven’t kept it warm for you...


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