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Hi everyone

I start Couch to 5k tonight. Started it once before when I was about 1.5 stone heavier and really struggled and tbh gave up very early on. Determined to give it my best shot now and wondered if anyone has any advice. I walk around 10k steps per day but don't really get my heart rate up. Any help and tips would be very much appreciated

Thanks xx


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  • Well done for coming here for support and advice - you're giving yourself a great boost in doing that! :) The main advice for starting is to take it slow - don't worry about trying to run fast; a gentle jog is all that's needed.

    Post on here after your runs to let us know how it's going, and to get lots of encouragement :)

  • Well done! Don't worry about the distance you cover on c25k, but carry on with your walking.. the heart rate will come up as you go through the programme...😊

  • follow the programme to the letter, go really slow, take your rest days and don't be afraid to repeat weeks. I started in August and graduated just before Christmas Eve, I took a week off when I had a virus and when I pulled a muscle, I repeated many weeks but I am kept going and still am slow but now I have a new fitbit HR I can see I have learned to get my heart rate up and keep running/going for up to 35 mins now. The programme works, so do trust it :-)

  • Go really slow. And don't worry if you have to repeat a run because you didn't complete it - many of us had to. Celebrate and share your successes.

  • I think the hardest part is starting the programme, so once you get that out of the way you'll be taught the tools and techniques needed to finish. Your fitness will improve immeasurably. My tips would be as follows:

    - Pick out a route you want to run, this will prevent you from having to think about where you're going on the run.

    - Keep your head up and shoulders back and relaxed. This will help you get more oxygen into the lungs.

    - Go slowly, there might even be very little difference between the walk and run segments - don't worry. Completing the runs is the important thing.

    - Know that a bad run is better than no run. There will be times where it just doesn't gel for you on a run. Don't worry - you went anyway and did something - it all adds up.

    - Breath from your tummy not your chest. This is something you could practice just sitting on the sofa. Deep breaths rather than shallow ones. I prefer timing each breath in with every second left foot strike, same for breathing out. You might not need to worry about this straight away though.

    - There will be times when you get frustrated but you should be equally willing to spend time congratulating yourself for running, getting fit and healthy. Don't let the bad feelings eclipse the good.

    - Have fun, it is really liberating when your body starts responding to what you want it to do.

  • Forget about the weight (especially in stones, they sound so heavy), forget about the heart rate. Just adopt a running motion when Laura says run (podcasts, ideally... music for running not your choice of music) and a walking motion when she says walk.

    And if you get to a point where you really, really can't do the running motion a moment longer (not even doing crazy slow motion or running on the spot)... then don't muck about, walk the rest of that session and you'll know what you need to aim for next time.

  • Yes! Totally agree with all you have said here...... (as long as my heart keeps beating... I'm okay with it :))

  • Welcome, and good luck. Hope you manage to find a dry moment! Let us know how you get on.

    Take it slow and steady. Don't worry if you need to repeat a run or take extra rest days. Your lungs and muscles will protest at first. It will get easier, and in a month or so you will literally amaze yourself at what you can do.

    At some point you will go out on a run where, a few minutes in, you think you can't finish it. This happens to everyone. Slow right down but try to keep going as best you can and finish the session. If you can't finish it, come and read this forum for motivation and get out again as soon as you can.

  • Welcome! C25k is such a great programme, stick with it and it will be worth it! Go slow, stretch, take your rest days and listen to Laura and you'll be a runner before you know it! Slowly is the mantra of the programme. If I ever wanted to stop I just made a conscious effort to slow down and then to slow down even more and it got me through to the end of the running section.

    This forum is the best place on the internet and full of the most amazing, inspirational people. If they can all do it, you can too! Use the forum for advice, encouragement, motivation and to celebrate your successes. We'll be with you every step of the way! :)

  • Thank you to everyone who has taken time out to reply. I think following the plan is key with me and dropping the mindset of getting from here to the 5k in a week ! Xx

  • That made me smile... take your time and enjoy the journey.. and remember it is all about running for 30 mins in nine weeks( or however long) not running 5 K..:)

  • Just slow and steady.. forget distance, forget speed.. just keep up the walking and take it at your own pace!

    You will get loads of support from the great folk on here.. so.. well done.. you have taken the hardest step!

    Time to make yourself the chief priority and head for whoever you want to be :)

  • Hang out here. View us as your newly extended family. No question is too silly, and probably any problem you encounter has been encountered by someone else here who can let you know what they did about it.

    All the best, you runner you. :)

  • Thank you sooooo much xx

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