A complete newbie!

Well as above I am very new to this. I am very overweight and have been all my life. I've Yo Yo dieted as we all do! I managed to loose 8 stone to have fertility treatment which gave us our gorgeous little boy πŸ‘¦

I put 4 stone in with him and have struggled shifting it. Well done Xmas ive list 1.5 stones and have joined weight watchers to help get me where I want to be. Whilst at the meetings I heard about this CC25K,it's been in my head for about a week now and today I did my W1R1! Very proud of myself and yet ashamed at the same time as to how unfit I am. But I am looking forward to my next one. My little boy starts school in September and I won't have him being picked on because of my size. Well that sins it up really. Any hints and tips are very much appreciated πŸ‘ŸπŸŒ


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  • Snap! I heard about c25k from a lady at ww class. It's been the best thing i ever did and I've never looked back

    If you combine healthy eating and running then you won't look back ever. Your class will support you but you have to stay to class, even if you have a bad week. Sticking with it is key. The plans are great so you needn't struggle. You have access to esource so need never be stumped.

    You have lots of folk here in the same boat. All you have to do is stick with the programs, both of them, and you'll suceed.

  • Thank you so much. Yes I always stay for the meeting, I find it so important. And get some great ideas. Thank you for your reply ☺

  • C25k will improve your health and wellbeing even if it doesn't change your weight by much. Personally I think fitness is more important than being thin. Don't worry about what others may think of you, relish in making small improvements day by day in your health. The fitter you become, the more active you will become, and the weight will slowly shift. Much better than miracle diets and snake oil. Good luck and congratulations on getting started.

  • Thank you for your reply and support. Very much appreciated. I did get a few funny like whilst jogging round the field lol 😁

  • Well done for taking the initiative and getting started. If you can stick with the programme you will get fitter, and by the end you will be able to run for 30 minutes. Well done on your weight loss so far and as you have such excellent motivation in the form of your son I am sure you will reach your targets.. My main tip is to run very slowly to start with, once your body gets used to it you can speed up, but slow and steady....

  • Thank you. Yes starting with a slow jog for now. Thanks for your e support ☺

  • Keep at it. Your doing it for the right reasons too, for you and your son. Its something that he can help with too so its something that you can do together. Healthy eating and lifestyles start at home so showing your son that you are determined to do well and eat well will get him on the right path for later life too. Being able to sit down to a meal shared as a family is important too, and once he is a bit older (and your feeling up to it) being able to run together will be well worth the initial struggle. Talk the rest days, and drink plenty of water too. Get out walking as well as running. Where I live there is a spar shop just up the road (10 mins walk) yet I see so many of my neighbors driving there especially on a sunny day. Walk him to school if its nearby, to the park at the weekend, etc. There is loads to do outside and your son will love spending the time with you.

    Let us know how you get on over the next few weeks.

  • Thank you so much for your reply and support. I also take my dog for walks every day too about 40 minutes to an hour. Feeling so determined at the minute ☺

  • well done on the weight loss so far :D and very well done on taking that all important 1st step and starting :) You have nothing to be ashamed of in fact you should be very proud of what you are doing and going to do :D

    just take each run as it comes, run slow and steady, basically as slow as you need to complete each run.

    Trust the program and laura and more importantly don't doubt yourself as you can and will do this :D

  • Hi Nik. I'm also doing WW at the moment. I started mid January, the same time I started C25k and I'm half a pound off my first stone.

    I've got around 4 stone to lose - actually 3 now I've almost lost 1, and I want to increase my fitness. Not difficult as I'm increasing it from pretty much zero! My only exercise before was walking the dog (slow amble along) and riding (poor horse).

    I'm half way through wk 3 and loving it. It took me 3 weeks to do wk 1 and 2 wks to do wk 2 but I actually think I might be ready to move on to wk 4 after just one wk on wk 3. It's hard going - it's a lot of extra weight to carry whilst running but I'm getting there.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you, I defo think it will take me at least 2 weeks until I move in to the second stage. Really do appreciate everyone's replies.

    Makes me even more determined 😬

  • Be proud you've taken the hardest step. C25K is truly an amazing thing, we're all here to testify to that. You won't regret it, just listen to Laura and keep posting xxx

  • Thank you so much ☺

  • Hello and welcome. Dont worry about if you have to repeat a week, I did week 1 probably about 7 times :)

    I notice you do a daily dog walk. One thing that will help your running is when you walk your dog, just pick up the pace a bit, just enough to get you breathing heavily. Its all fitness!

    Oh, and measure as well as weigh, all that running will start buiding muscle which is heavier than fat, so to avoid getting discouraged on a week you dont lose weight, you may well see you've lost inches.

    Good luck, and enjoy the program and keep updating us here so we can cheer you on.

  • You should feel very proud of your achievements so far and you shouldn't feel ashamed. You have taken the hardest step and you will find so many positive benefits mentally and physically from doing the programme. Take your time, go steady and remember your rest days. There is loads of support on this forum if you need it and we are a nosy lot so keep us posted! x :-)

  • Id just like to thank you all for your supportive replies. It really does mean a lot. Feeling very determined ☺

  • Well done on your progress so far. It's a long time since I had to lose baby-weight (!) but my daughter really struggled after her second and was very self-conscious as all the weight was around her bum and thighs. She started dieting (mainly by eating really healthily) six months ago and also began running. It helped to have a target, which in her case was running a cross-country half marathon . The results have been amazing. She is fitter, has lost 7kg and completed her race next week. She's not going to give up either because she feels so much better and has so much energy to deal with the kids and has also discovered that running is ~fun ( as is eating healthily). Good luck, and as others have said, keep posting on here so that it doesn't feel such a lonely quest.

  • Dog walking is great i borrow my neighbour's dog and we walk miles. you could set yourself a challenge to increase each walk just by a bit each time. As you get fitter you'll probabky want to

  • Hi and Welcome to the board. Congratulations to you on your amazing weight loss so far.

    I just want to wish you all the very best . You have done the hardest step, getting off the couch and gettting out there . You can do this, you really can. It is an amazing, challenging programme , but completely do-able.

    Take your time, theres no rush, do it at your own pace. No stress.....

    Youre doing great ! Oh and keep posting on here as it really helps keeping you motivated and focused.

    All the very best to you xxx

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