Wk2d1 newbie

Hello everyone, 

I'm new to the forum and also new to running. After watching the Marathon last week I felt inspired to get fit and give running a go. I've got two small children and very unfit so Im in desperate need to do something! 

So far I am loving it! I did my run today, early morning before breakfast, and loved being out when the only people around are other runners or dog walkers. 

I'm trying to work on my running style (I say running but it's more a fast walking pace) as I think I must be doing something wrong. My left foot is hurting along the outer side. It's not really painful, just a dull ache but I don't want to do any damage. Does anyone know where or how I find out what I'm doing wrong? Do I need different shoes? 

Thanks in advance. From reading other posts I see this is a supportive community and am pleased to have stumbled across it. 


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13 Replies

  • First, Hello :)

    Congratulations on starting and it's great to hear that you're enjoying it too.

    It could just be early days and your foot tiring, it could be worn shoes that need replacing. It also sounds like you could be a bit of a supinator- when your ankle/foot has a tendency to roll outwards. 

    Maybe see if it settles over the next run or two but if it persists a trip to a sports shop that offers gait analysis may be worth considering :)

  • Hi and Welcome to the board :-)

    I had problems with my left foot on and off during  the programme . It might be just early day aches and pains or like JT says a shoe issue.

    I would see how it is on the next couple of runs. It might settle down by itself, hopefully xxx

  • Thank you both. I will see how it goes over the next couple of runs and then head to a running shop. Are there any shops that people recommend more than others? I'm in London. 

  • Not sure about London, sorry. I went to Decathlon and had a gait analysis on a treadmill. I am sure there will be someone on here who can recommend shops near you xxx

  • Welcome to the best thing ever :)

    This is a great place to be and we are all amazingly wonderful...at supporting and encouraging!.

    Slow and steady is the way... and the foot.. see how it goes.. at this stage, your body will give you all kinds of messages and twinges.. it is telling you... " What is going on! "

    See if it settles...and...keep posting!

  • Thank you, I will see how it goes and really enjoying reading everyone's posts so will be sticking around for sure! 

  • Be sure you do :)

  • Hello and welcome to your new life! When you say "Do I need different shoes?'"what shoes are you running in? If they are not proper running shoes, but just run of the mill 'trainers' this could be your problem. Running is the cheapest sport there is but the one investment you must make is in a good pair of running shoes to take care of your feet.  No foot no horse, they cavalry used to say. No foot , no runner I'd say. Take advice from people who know about running shops or just google to find one near you. Good luck! And stick with the forum. You will make so many supportive friends, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

  • You are so right! My shoes are just normal trainers so I will definitely invest in some running shoes. 

    I've signed up to a colour run so need to make sure I stay injury free for that. Thanks for you advice. Great help. 

  • Hi nice to meet you,

     I cant advise on your foot ,I'm sure someone on here will be able to though.

    I'm like you, new to running and this forum. Ive just completed week 1, and have to say the encouragement and support Ive had from members on here is awesome, it for sure will keep me going and you too.

    I hope you get the answers about your painful foot. I'm not a professional, however. if it were me, Id be checking out other running shoes...but that's me...all the best xx

  • Thanks and well done on completing your first week. 

    I have to say reading people's posts and the replies I've got here are very encouraging. It's great to have this support. 

    My mum laughed when I said j was going to do it and I think my husband doesn't believe I'll stick to it so it's nice to hear people say I can do it :) 

  • Welcome to c25k! Very well done for getting started. As most have said, good supportive running shoes are the key and get advice from the shop as it depend if you're running on hard/ soft ground to the type you get. Wishing you lots of luck and look forward to your progress, nice and slowly does it though even if you feel that you are too slow! Stamina building is the main thing. Good luck 😀

  • Thanks, I'm currently going at a snails pace so hopefully building lots of stamina :) 

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