I've done it.....actually started my first day!

Went out at 6am (while its still dark) and did my first day. It was raining a bit so I was glad I left my glasses indoors! Feel pleased with myself now. I found the hardest part was leaving the front door but this is usual for me. I might need to invest in a waterproof jacket though because winter weather is about to begin by the sounds of it!


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8 Replies

  • Always the hardest bit, getting out of the front door! Well done on getting started. This is just the beginning of a brilliant journey. Take it slow, have fun and post here often :)

  • Congratulations on getting out there. If you prefer to wear your glasses whilst running, you could wear a peaked cap, it usually keeps the rain off, unless it is coming at you horizontally. I don't have a waterproof jacket, I seem get too hot midway round, but it might be a good idea. You want to have warm muscles at the start as well as in the middle and at the end. Are you putting your running clothes on the radiator to warm up before you go out? A buff is an excellent addition to your winter running wardrobe if you don't have one already. Happy running, enjoy it! :)

  • Putting my running clothes on the radiator before going out is a good idea. Thanks for your tips and encouragement.

    How often and how far do you run for?

  • You're welcome. I usually go out three times a week and run for about 5-7K each time. I was building up to 10K, but fractured my knee so currently I'm on crutches and can't run a metre at the moment. However I am looking forward to getting back out there once I am able. Just take it slow and steady and above all enjoy it! 😊

  • First step.. always the hardest, but what a journey you have started. You will love it!!

    Well done for embracing the rain.. it, and wind, and sleet.. all add to the excitement:)

    I did C25K through the winter of 2015.. it was challenging, but great fun.. I had a really good time getting blown away, slip-sliding and getting soaked, usually in the dark of the early mornings! Someone on here, said it is character building :)

    You do need the right gear... I have a cap with a large brim which fits snugly and keeps the rain off my glasses...

    I wear just a lightweight running jacket, otherwise some of the waterproof ones make you as wet inside as out!

    Keep posting and let us know how you go on..we are a great bunch for encouraging folk :)

  • I see what you mean about having a waterproof jacket, I think I'll stick to my lightweight old one for now but will get a hat with a large brim. Going without glasses was ok but it obviously being able to see more clearly is a bonus!........thanks for the encouragement.

  • Well done! 6am too! That first run is the hardest for so many reasons (actually, the first step out of the door is the hardest as you recognised). Keep going, you'll be hooked before you know it! :)

  • You have got a wonderful journey ahead of you (when you get past the front door) slow an steady an enjoy 😊

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