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My first run

I've had the app downloaded into my phone now for over a week. Keep telling people and myself I'm gonna do my first run but keep managing to be busy or find excuses not to do it.

I've always hated running and never fancied it at all. I've had friends and relatives to marathons and things but always thought they were stupid and I'd never get into it.

I need some motivation to get started!!!

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Just get out there... you won't know until you try... start steady and start slow... you don't have to run a marathon.. you just have to run:)

So.. you're on here now, where this is great support and encouragement and plenty of shoves if you need them.. do that first run and then post back!

Simple... do it!


Many people who do this programme say they previously hated running and lo and behold, they discover a love for running.......so that's that one out of the way.

Why do you want to run? Without real self driven motivation, as you know, you will not start and also you will not maintain the habit.........so why bother starting? Only you can answer that.

For me, I wanted to reduce my risk of all those avoidable conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and circulation problems all of which are exacerbated by lack of exercise, along with preventing the seemingly inevitable decline in my stamina. At 61 I can run ten miles, if I want to and running has become a passion.

You don't sound like you want to compete, so please search out why you want to do this........don't do it on a whim, you need strong reason to keep you going when times get tough.

You know it makes sense.

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10 miles! That's great going.

My motivation to get into running is down to being healthy. I feel very unhealthy at the moment, not over weight but just tired all the time and letting everything get to me. I won't bore you with all the nitty gritty but even after one run it's easy to see that running is a good way to forget about problems for a while and just concentrate on that stitch or how hard your breathing. The dog helped too, was like having a running partner although he doesn't understand string out the way very well!!!


Seeing you write that you are letting things get to you struck a chord.

What came to my mind was a run a couple of weeks back that I did where from waking up I was really worrying about a particular situation and it totally occupied my thoughts and about the first 10 mins or so of my run.

It wasn't until I finished that session that I remembered how I was worrying over it so much and more importantly, how it wasn't bothering me much.

What I took from that was going for a run can sometimes seem to be the last thing you feel like doing but then the way in which concentrating on that and nothing else can be the very remedy to a negative or stressed out mindset.

Go for it and see the rewards, you won't regret it


That was me at the start of may. Never run. Thought if you want to go faster than a walk get a bicycle. But once I did that first run I was determined to finish the programme and then do Park runs regularly. My first Park run is Saturday..

Just get out and try it. You might not enjoy the actual run to start with but the Sense of achievement is amazing.

Post on here when you plan to run and then we will all be waiting to hear how it goes. Any questions, (including things like how do I make the long runs less boring, which I did at first) ask the forum. You will get support and helpful advice.

Just go for it. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.


I felt the same. Now graduated and love it. Trust the programme and trust yourself.


Thank you for the motivation guys, I've just done it. As I was writing my first post and saw the replies I just downed my stuff, grabbed the dog and went.

It feels great to be honest. Haven't run in years. I'm a bit sore and sweaty but was lovely running round the field in the sun.

I'm 40 now. When I was 18 I bet someone in the pub I could run with them every morning for a month around our local castle. I did but have never really run since. The odd 10 minutes here and there on a treadmill but that's it.

Thank you again and looking forward to run 2 now!!!

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You may have to change that name 😀👍🏼


Wooh, calm down. Don't want to get too carried away:)!!


Well done you, its a great thing to have broken your duck and got out and done it. Best of luck for Run 2




Well done....good for you😊...literally..


Ha! I can beat that! I downloaded the app about a YEAR ago and even sorted out a running playlist but didn't actually go for a run until this April! Like you I was very sceptical about running and suspicious of all my friends who ran - but I think I was protesting too much and it got me in the end! I am now on week 6 and loving it.


That's good going, at least you've started now. Hopefully will be able to keep it up. People seem to be saying once you've started that's the main thing. I downloaded the app without telling anyone a couple of weeks ago. Then once I started to tell a few people I couldn't back-out anymore.

There always seems to be reasons to put it off and do something else.

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