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Hi running people,

I thought it about time I say something instead of just reading all your lovely posts and telling myself that having a user id and reading your posts is a step towards being a runner.

I started 'transforming' with everyone else here in Ireland in January. I've lost a stone and am a bit more fit (I can plank for 2 minutes 15 seconds and run ' a bit'). I really want to run more but my strategy so far has been to borrow all the books from my library that had 'Run' in the title and to join this website and download some music 'to run to'. I am also running a bit but very sporadically and really want to get more in control.

I don't think I'm inventing obstacles, but I don't seem able even to download the App you're all talking about. The link from the website didn't work and when I searched on the playstore I couldn't find an NHS couch25k app. I'm going to look again now in case I just missed it. Could it be because I'm in Ireland? Also I'm nervous about running on my own. I'm usually quite brave but I feel anxious about running anywhere isolated because if someone jumped out to murder me I'd have no breath to shout or run away. And my kids and dog are not very enthusiastic. When my son comes he doesn't seem to sympathise with my need for breaks.

Anyway I felt a bit funny just reading and not saying hello so now I have. I'm going to try again to get the app. I had a small run with my son yesterday so, after reading some posts last night about the importance of rest days, I have had a break today and intend to try w1r1 tomorrow. I'm hoping it will be easy because I've been doing a little bit but am not at all sure it will be.

In the meantime I'll read some more posts tonight and keep telling myself it's another step toward being a runner.


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  • Hi - and welcome. I'm no expert (I graduate this week - hopefully at a Parkrun on Saturday) but I can tell you that I have not used the App or Podcast at all. I didn't have space on my old iPhone! So, I simply read each week what to do and used the stopwatch on my phone (I guess you could use a watch with seconds on it). Here is a link to the page

    As regards being nervous running on your own, I felt the same so went out early to start off with (6:15am). Now I don't care and just go for it! I love the freedom and thinking time that running gives you.

    Good Luck - Go for it!!

  • RD001 thanks very much for your encouraging reply and for the link - am going to check it out now. Very best of luck with your graduation run on Saturday! Being able to run 5k or for 30 mins seems a million miles away at the moment. All you people getting there is an inspiration. Can't wait to get the first run done now ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • It sounds like you need a bit more faith in yourself and in this programme. My advice would be to avoid the app, which is quite buggy, and download the podcasts.

    Everyone can become a runner if they follow C25K. They may not feel like an athlete, or compare themselves with Mo Farrah, but they can get to the point where they can run for 30 minutes, no matter how slowly. Keep going for 30 minutes, you're a runner.

    Don't let yourself get put off the idea of running by all the bad things that might happen to you. Not only is that hugely improbable, but there are all sorts of things you can do to run at a time and in a place that can make you feel safer.

    Good on you to speak up here. You can get a lot of support and encouragement from the great people here. My life has been changed by becoming a runner. It would be great if you could feel the same benefit.

    Go for it, Rosie. You deserve it. You'll feel such a sense of achievement. Go for it.

  • Hi RR! Good to hear from you. Sounds like you've got a plan so look forward to your next post telling us all about it.

    You get kudos for being able to plank for such a long time (mental!) and don't worry about unsympathetic children, think they're par for the course. I like to run on my own, and so far not been murdered ;)

    Prune x

  • Welcome to the forum. C25k really is the simplest way to get running. The app is buggy but does allow you to use your own music to run to. The podcasts are child's play but do expose you to some horrible music, imho, which in fact motivates you to get the whole thing over as soon as possible and gives you street cred amongst us old school die hards.

    Either way, you will be guided by the patron saint of new runners, Laura, who gives advice and tips as well as looking after all the timing for you. You should be able to access it anywhere as far as I know. We certainly have forum members from all over the globe.

    Do you live somewhere with a high homicide rate or are you just finding another excuse? It is a brilliant programme and has changed countless lives for the better. You won't regret it and we will cheer you on to the finish line. Do it Rosie!!

  • Run somewhere busy if you're worried about being on your own. (Don't worry about people looking at you, they'll only be admiring you for doing some exercise).I use the podcasts downloaded on my iPhone. I love running on my own and the peace and quiet but I'm in rural Lincolnshire well away from any towns. I like having Laura telling me what to do too. I wouldn't be running for 20 minutes at week 6 if I'd done my own thing.

  • I've run in rural Lincs, on my own, and I ended up on a disused air base very early one morning. Very atmospheric. I don't live there, I was staying overnight and just wanted to run before breakfast, so just went out the door and ran. Running can take you places!

    Hey you could run to "Whole lotta Rosie" , when you Graduate obviously as it's fast. A belting song to run to if ever there was one! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

  • It might well be because you're in Ireland, since anything NHS is for the UK. But really, you don't need it. I got stuck halfway through so I developed my own system. Five minute warm up walk, 1 minute run, 5 minute cool down walk. Then you add a minute to the run each day you go out. If you can't do it, you go back to the last one until it gets easier.

  • Go for it! There is lots of support here and you really will enjoy yourself.

    There are lots of apps that do exactly the same plan as the NHS one. I didn't use the NHS with Laura as I heard it kept crashing, but I did use a different version and it was exactly the same plan. I agree you don't need it, you just need a timer and to know how long to run each time.

    If you are nervous, you could always contact a local running club, as they will do a C25k programme for beginners too and you will get to go out with a group at the same level as you.

  • Hi there... welcome to the club. I ran without the podcasts or any apps. I downloaded Nike Run on my phone to track my runs. The app is also linked with music and some motivation to push you forward. You'll definitely enjoy the relaxation and the high of running like the rest of us here...

  • Thank you all for the encouraging comments, no wonder you all stick with it with all that support!

    I downloaded the podcast and now plan my first run this evening. I'm going to the wood and will take the dog. You're quite right Iannoda Truffle, the risk of being murdered is minute. Still think it's important to have the dog to run home and show everyone where I am. Just in case.

    Rlear I'm in a rural part of Southern Ireland, having moved here from Kent 15 years ago. What we lack in pavements we make up for in woods, beaches and mountains (not expecting to run through mountains just yet).

    Prune I struggled with 30 second planks not long ago but my middle daughter is a great personal Miss Motivator.

    Misswobble I'll look forward to being fast enough to run to Whole Lotta Rosie as much as to there being a bit less of Rosie!

    Chrissyb123 I have thought about a running club but think I'd rather do my own thing. It's not that I'm particularly unsociable, but I sort of want to concentrate on getting this running right without the distraction of having to be friendly. I see that does make me sound unsociable. ...

    Anyway if I don't put my phone away and get on with something I'll have nothing done and will end up using that as an excuse not to do this first run.

  • WE have another runner in Ireland. She'll be along soon

  • Who me? :) Sorry I missed this post - was away two weeks ago

  • Ooh I wonder where she is. I'm in Waterford. I did my first run, sort of. It didn't quite go to plan but I was in the woods for 45 mins and did some running and some walking. Will be more structured next time. Must check if tomorrow is for running or resting.

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