W1R3 - Gah!!

The evening started so well, prepared all the dinner and gave hubby instructions on when to put it on so ready when I got back from run. Decided to nip to the loo before heading out and managed to drop my VERY expensive phone down the loo - argggghhhh! It's as dead as a dodo and has my C25K app on it so no phone and no run.

Managed to find an old phone and spent an hour getting that into a fit state to download the app - couldn't remember my password either, so the run won't be logged. By which time, I've already eaten my dinner and my stress levels are through the roof.

I thought that doing the run would be good for calming down, but I decided to take a different road as a bit of a short cut (as run 2 left me 10 minutes away from home). What I didn't realise was that all the cars and vans use the pavement for parking so run 3 was spent squeezing sideways past cars whilst a mutting a stream of obscenities under my breath.

When run 4 was about to start, I was on the steepest down hill and was too scared to run as I needed to take a sharp bend, this wasn't so bad, as I only missed the first little bit and started as soon as I was round the corner.

If I can get my phone working again (currently sat in a bag of rice in the airing cupboard), I will redo W1R3.

I hope everyone else had a slightly less disastrous run! :(

Your very stressy barmy x


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  • Oh that's a bugga about your phone , fingers crossed the rice does its work.

    Far as I can see you comlleted the run so you could move onto week 2

  • I say go for week 2. Under those circumstances you showed real dedication in even going for your run at all. It means you want this! A good sign.

    Hope the phone recovers.

  • Oh no what a night. I have to say that shows some great determination to still get out the door for your run, very well done.

  • What a farce!

  • The phone is flashing like a disco so fingers crossed. I had a mini blub when hubby attempted to be nice to me. I'm over it now.

    I might just redo this run on Saturday and then start week 2 on Monday.

    Thanks for your lovely replies x

  • Aw, barmybint hope your phone recovers. True dedication in still getting out for a run. Good for you. Laura would be proud of you. :)

  • Wow, you have shown real dedication getting out there and doing it, what a rotten night, hopefully your phone will have survived and be ready for your next run. It's an absolute pet hate of mine cars parking on the pavement, I have twins and the amount of times when they were in the pram I had to go out into the road just to get about was unbelievable.

  • Morning peeps. Typing this from my fully working and dried out phone. Hurrah ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Brilliant!

  • Bummer ! Not your day I would say.

    Well at least next time will be better ๐Ÿ˜ธ

  • Wow! I admire your determination to get out there, well done for getting as far as you did! Don't know if you saw the series "trust me I'm a Dr"? Women should eat before exercise, (men afterwards) as its better for fat burning etc, so you got that right too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ps try those little bags of silica gel that come in shoe boxes for your phone.

  • Goodness! What an eventful evening..You did brilliantly to get out there!!!

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