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W1R3 + dog

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Afternoon running family,

Today I went for my run with my over 6yo doggy <3 We went to run around football field. She was exhausted, I was tired, but both o us were and are very happy :)

I had to pay extra attention to her and surrounding, as she was off lead, only for run 5 & 6 I've put her on lead to get her used to the idea of running with me on the lead. So the awareness of my body was nearly zero, which means that I had to trust it that it knows what to do and how to do, including breathing :D I went well, even I I was running a bit too fast, or just faster than previous two when I had snail in tar pace :P

The run felt good and surprisingly quite easy, maybe due to the extra rest day as I postponed it from yesterday. Finished with long 40 min stretching and 10 min hot bath to relax and regenerate muscles. I feel reborn :) My body and mind received great restart with clearing cash. Now I am ready for tasty chicken broth with loads of veggies and cooked chicken.

Next run on Monday :) Bring it on week 2!

Enjoy your weekend and happy running!

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Very well done you..both :)

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you :) I think we may start to run together more regularly, as it is good place to run with her off the lead with only minor worry about her behaviour. Maybe with time she will learn to run on lead and we will be able to explore more terrain, not only run in circles, as I am afraid I get bored of quite quickly :P so we will see ;)

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Great job... being distracted can make it seem easier, well rested too, and you’re also just plain fitter than you were going into run one.

Enjoy a rest and then week 2

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IgaTGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks :) Have a nice run as well. I will enjoy my rest day fully :)

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Well done IgaT + dog 🐶

I'm impressed you spend so much time looking after yourself post run. I only do about 5 minutes stretching!

Best wishes for Week2.

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Katnap

I used to run (not finished C25K some time ago), and I was doing max 15 min stretching. If I jump under the shower earlier, I'm still sweating after it, so I would need two consecutive showers :P When I do it after work, I love it as it calms me even further. Recently, I'm struggling with stress at work, so I really need it ;) I have a kind of set of stretches 40 sec stretch + 10 sec break / change position * 40-45 most of them are for each side, so it is ~25 simple positions.

I think 10-15 minutes is a minimum to properly stretch all important muscles that you use during run.

Glad you are still at it IgaT. You always write such engaging posts :) Running is great fun and great stress relief too. If the dog gets the hang of running, you will have a ball together. I know that time is always an issue for you, so exercising yourself and the pooch at the same time should help :)

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IgaTGraduate in reply to helenwheels

Hi :)

Sometimes I need to try new things to shake my busy routine. Other times I need just time to myself, not distracted by my dog ;) I think of doing at least 1 run a week alone (probably first) and 1 with Lori 🐕. It will also depends on the weather, as she truly hates rain and want to be back home asap. I'm afraid that she might have decided to just run home leaving me behind running alone on the field :P

Life is trial and error, and having fun of it all, isn't it?

Great to see familiar name from my previous C25K attempt :)

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