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W1R3 - Unsuccessful

Just come back from my run, well, walk. I was due to do this run on thursday but didn't manage to go out until today.

I couldn't find my inhaler so went out without it but i really would have needed it. I only managed 3 out fo 8 runs as i was really struggling to catch my breath. I stopped at a point where i knew i would recover quickly, had i pushed myself that could have been a very different story. So lesson learnt - don't go for a run without an inhaler! I will have to ask for a new one on Monday.

Maybe it would have helped if i had gone out just a little bit later as it's still pretty hot at the moment (yes, HOT!) it's been sunny since around noon today.

I hope to find that inhalor by Monday so I can re-attempt todays run, as won't get the prescription for a new one until wednesday or thursday.

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Oh RainbowPixie, you be careful. My asthma is generally well control but wouldn't dare go out without my inhaler. Better not to run at all than risk it without Ventolin. Look after yourself AND your inhaler when it turns up. :)

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Mine is usually well controlled too, i'm fine day to day but it plays up when I'm excercising and when it gets too hot or too cold. Will definitely not be going out without it again.


If you cannot find your inhaler by Monday, why not walk the whole 30 minutes? At least you will have got up from the couch and done something. Better safe than sorry.


Oh bad luck. Never mind, I'm sure it will be much better next time. Take care.


Might be worth taking a couple of puffs of the inhaler before you start running to prevent problems before you start running if you know exercise is one of your triggers. Best of luck with next time.


That's disappointing for you. Just take care out there. Good luck for your next run.


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