Moisturiser and cleaning shoes

Hi all, it's been ages since I've been on the forum but I have been steadily doing faster 5 kms, though haven't broken the 30 min mark yet. Turns out I quite like running in the cold and it's a good excuse to buy more running colothes. I've got a couple of questions which are definitely related to the cold and damp British weather.

Q1 It was a horrible and drizzly day this morning while I was running and since I've got back my face feels hot and tender, like it's been pressure washed. As I go running just after I get up I don't bother applying any moisturiser to my face. Can anyone recommend a good one, but not horrendously expensive, that'll keep the weather from my face and protect it?

Q2 Does anyone have good tips for cleaning running shoes? I don't mean rinsing the mud off, I do that, but what about the cloth parts? Mine should have lovely florescent yellow toes but they're stained dirty black at the front. I'm not expecting or wanting a good-as-new look but a little brighter would be good.


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  • I use Simple moisturiser with a SPF a lot because I'm prone to skin problems caused by UV, reasonably priced.

    I use a stiff bristle shoe brush and maybe a damp cloth if needed, not to apply the moisturiser but to clean the shoes!😁

  • That made me laugh! Happy Sunday to you and Slinky.

  • 1. I tend to think E45 cream is pretty good as it's so thick, and 2. I've used washing up liquid once or twice... :)

  • I've never used E45 before so that might be one to try before I go out.

  • Hi Blue Rock, great to hear you're still loving it :) Someone else has already listed my 'go to' moisturiser (E45) on my shoes I use a bit of that 'oxy' powder dissolved in a cup of hot water with a soft nail brush. Doesn't get the 'as new' look but still pretty good. Happy trails :)

  • Never thought of the oxy stuff. I did try clothes washing liquid but it didn't make a difference at all. Good tip, thanks.

  • I use johnsons baby moisturiser but do use a factor 50 sports sun cream the summer, I do think I should work on better protection in the winter but I'm allergic to the face creams with uv protection. I keep hearing Usain_Balti words of caution about the dangers of sun damage in my head.

    On shoes I Ieave then to dry and then just batter then together to get mud off. I wear my mucky trainers with pride πŸ˜€.

  • Good point about the UV protection. I use a night cream before going to bed which of course doesn't have UV protection. That's on my face when I run so no UV protection. I definitely need to remedy that.

  • I had to start wearing a hat due to sun damage to my scalp where my hair has thinned out, if going out for any length of time any time of the year I usually coverup with a hat & or cream..

  • I use moisturiser with SPF routinely - another who took note of Usain_Balti's experience. Anything veggie and cruelty free. It is a bit trial and error and a buff is a useful precaution in case it starts melting into your eyes as you sweat. Shoes are rinsed under a running tap and I use whatever is to hand, hand wash or washing up liquid, if it needs a bit more. And then unplug the drain of half the Peat [sic] District.

  • Nivea... I know .. but it works for me.. always has... and my Mum.. and my Nan.. :)

    I have my morning wash and then put it straight on... all around my forehead, and cheeks and nose etc.. a real good barrier against the weather.. and what weather currently! :)

    Like Realfoodieclub , I don't wash my shoes... knock the mud off when dry and bash them together to get rid of dust!

  • Nothing wrong with Nivea. I've used it since I was a child on chapped hands and lips, before I discovered lip balm!

  • Aldi do a face mosturiser Lacura Q10 that gets really good write ups, and is spf20. Its about Β£1.70 a pot but lasts ages. I use this before running as i know i will be showering after and so dont want to use a more expensive one then have to reapply. Dont forget your neck too!

    I just use water on my shoes with a spot of wash up liq on the sponge for dirty patches. My shoes are still looking good on this!

    Ps do use high factor sun cream once the sun arrives!

  • I do a lot of muddy runs and hose my shoes off, uppers and all! They are often waterlogged from running through puddles but when clean, I stuff them with newspaper and leave them to dry (not on a radiator though).

  • Just nipped downstairs to remove my shoes from the radiator! I read earlier that direct head reduces the elasticity of running clothes so assume it does the same to shoes. I definitely don't want less bouncy shoes. Good tip Sandraj39 .

  • I use Lidl moisturiser and a bit of suntan lotion because even if it's not sunny, your skin can be damaged by UV rays (or whatever they're called!) 😎

  • It's hard keeping up with all the different radiations, and I'm a radiographer! There's also IR-A (I think) to contend with... think that contributes to ageing and I don't need help in that department.

  • Yeap, its good to use spf as high as possible. A normal moisterising cream will not necessarily have this, great for moisterising but no protection against the sun etc. If in doubt buy some v high factor sun cream , total block even, and use that rather than a base moisteriser for your running purposes.

  • "Never go out the door without moisturiser!" So a skin specialist friend told me many years ago. I make my own from a mixture of coconut oil, jojoba oil & essential oils. But pure coconut oil is also amazing! (And works out very cheap!)

  • That sounds lovely. I bet your face smells wonderful :-)

  • It's incredibly easy to make:)

    For a long time I just used coconut oil, and was amazed how soft it made my skin feel. I don't use anything else on my face, no cleanser, toner, nothing! So my skin care regime is very quick and basic:)

  • I echo the sentiments of Davoda, surrounding the use of virgin/pure coconut oil as a moisturiser for the face. It's also fantastic for ensuring health of skin upon the feet, too.

  • Nivea Soft! The ordinary Nivea is a bit thick and gloopy for me, but the Soft settles in right way and is a great moisturiser/barrier cream for the cold mornings. If I forget to slap it on, my face starts to feel very tight and hot, especially in the wind.

  • Well, I know I should use moisturiser, but I usually forget πŸ™„ I would use E45 or Simple or Nivea if I remembered! As for my shoes, I am afraid that I rather like the fact that they now have "character". I look down at them fondly every day, they are sitting by my back doormat in a casual way, slightly askew, and really rather mud-stained, but like an elderly person with wrinkles, I feel that these little muddy patches are stories of where they have been. Having said that, if it's cleaner shoes you're looking for, I agree with McFitty, some Vanish Oxy Action mixed to a paste, dabbed on with a toothbrush (not your current one, obviously!) should do the trick! πŸ˜€

  • I love the picture you created of aged but wise running shoes with life experience and a seen it all, done it all attitude. :-)

  • Ahh, I bet your shoes are sad with the lack of use FlossieπŸ˜– like mine though, they look like they've been used..

    Think Slinky uses my toothbrush to clean her shoe's! 😨 not that her shoes have seen any action for months though...

  • LOL!

  • I use a cheap but thick moisturiser which I think is probably only available locally, spreading it over my face and neck. Traditionally in the Alps people used to use lard. I run my shoes under the tap when I get back and leave them out to air, also to dry obviously. I just rub with a soft cloth and a bit of soap if they get grimy uppers.

  • My mother used to say mutton fat was the best hand moisturiser... though I never, ever saw her use it. Don't fancy going out smelling like either a cooked cow or sheep, no matter how effective it is! :-) :-)

  • Hand moisturiser, now that's different! Atrixo is very good and not at all expensive!

    Mmmm not sure my vegetarian kids would be happy about me using mutton fat but I'm sure my late father, who was a butcher might approve teehee

  • When it's cold I put a thin smear of Vaseline on my face. I use sun cream in the spring and summer but I admit I don't tend to in the winter, although my normal moisturiser has a built-in SPF of some sort.

    I recently saw a You-Tube video showing that toothpaste was good at whitening the rubber ends on Converse etc. so I don't know if it would work for trainers. I have to admit I don't bother :D

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