Cleaning shoes?

Cleaning shoes?

Sorry, it's a question on the blog posts (can't put a photo on the questions).

Do I clean my shoes or not?

This morning's park run was somewhat squishy (does anyone else give in to the giggles when running through puddles?) and my shoes came home caked with mud and soaked. Do I just leave them to dry and run the mud off next time or should I rinse most of the mud off and try to get them a bit cleaner?

Not that running with dirty trainers is a problem, you should have seen the state of my trousers after Thursday's run when I started the park run this morning. It's just that if the mud gets within the fabric it'll cause extra friction and start wearing it out more quickly. Or am I over thinking it? If the shock absorbing powers of these shoes only last 4 to 500 miles that's only a year's worth of running (3 x just over 3 miles per week x 50 weeks) then would they wear out in other areas at all within that time frame?

Any thoughts? What do you do?


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8 Replies

  • I just leave mine to dry... If wet pad out with newspaper..and then run it off next time. However I do know people that clean them or put them in the washing machine.

    Maybe I am just lazy!!!

  • Someone blogged on here just last week that he/she took them into the shower to rinse off the worst of the mud. I've not done it but I have rinsed off the worst in cold water then packed with newsapers. I then put them into the airing cupboard and change the newspapers the next day if still not dry. Quick drying on top of heaters/radiators is not good for them though.

  • Mine are in the washing machine just now. I take out the soles and wash them in a load with towels. Have done it 3 or 4 times now with no apparent damage.

  • Have been told it is OK to rinse them off but you shouldn't put them in the washing machine as it can damage the cushioning, support etc. Personally I just rinse mine under the tap but have to say they have never been quite as muddy as yours :-)

  • I pad mine with newspaper and put them on the floor under the radiator to get a gentle dry, but mine are normally covered in sands which shakes off when dry.

  • Thanks for your replies. I think I'll just let them dry for now and give them a wash after next Saturday's run when they've got 3 whole days to dry (I've probably left it a bit late now for them to dry before Tuesday morning). Roll on the less squelchy weather! Though it was fun puddle running!

  • Running though puddles and coming home muddy makes me feel like a 'real runner' (I haven't got the little green badge yet)!

    Mine just dry out usually but last weekend the track beside the allotments was very muddy and with the run off from the gardens it smelt a bit 'iffy' so they went into the washer which I do occasionally.

    They looked great and weren't damaged

  • Just thought I'd update you: The 'correct' thing to do is give them at least some semblance of a wash. I ran on Tuesday on the treadmill and came back in with muddy feet, the dried mud on the insides of the shoes combined with the sweat on my feet turned to mud. This also happened with an outside run on Thursday, I don't think I went through any puddles to make it worse (most were frozen over and I didn't want freezing feet).

    The other thing is, it's not nice. It's like having sand in your shoes, but very very fine stuff, just not a good feeling. Roll on tomorrow where they're getting a good dunking after my run (I'm going to use the trick of taking them into the shower with me).

    If you want to see the mud and puddles the write up is here..... (Note: I didn't go in thigh deep!)

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