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Time for some proper shoes

One thing I did notice, running a bit longer/further than usual, was that my knees have been a bit achey again.

I think it's time to ditch the ancient trainers I've been running in and invest in a decent pair of running shoes.

I've sold my bike (never did enjoy cycling and the seat was VERY uncomfortable): got £200 for it. Now, a good chunk will go towards getting the dog spayed next month, but I think it'll leave the best part of £100 for a nice pair of shoes.

Any advice guys? I do not have "over pronated" feet, they're pretty normal EXCEPT that they are really quite wide. And I hate having my toes squished.

So, what's a good brand for troll-like feet? Bear in mind please I live near Hull and there's naff all in the way of proper sports shops that I know of (if anyone lives here and knows better, please tell me!!) so it's off to Sports Direct I go.

Cheers all,


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If you want cheap price and no advise then yes go to sports direct...

If however you have no idea what you require and would like advice and gait analysis try a specialist running store. You may pay a little more but adive will be worth it's weight in gold.

I will re phrase that as you will not actually be paying more, but you may be paying nearer the manufaturers RRP


4 Albion House

Albion Street, Hull

01482 222169

Humber Runner

229 Boothferry Rd


01482 647613


Hi completerunner,

Thanks for that. May well give them a go for the advice (I don't need gait analysis from them, ta. I'm a podiatrist)


New Balance are good for troll feet and a handy hint is that they change the colours twice a year but the actual shoe style / and design only once so go for the out of date colour way and save a packet.

Few shoes come in different widths. Also different brands tend to have their own fit. So I am a different size in Adidas from Asics - I change brand and therefore size and follow the cost effective - wider fit neutral shoes.

Annoyingly when they do the big change (generally once a year) you might find the perfect shoes for you the "blah blah 5" is replaced by the latest greatest "blah blah 6" which you may not get on with at all. I have no idea why they take a great shoes and make it so "different". I could not even bring myself to keep them on when trying them in a shop.


Get assessed Nd fitted... So worth it.. Love the shoes/ dog done combo!!


Thank you fitterinfo, that's good advice!

And Juicy - both practical and spoiling myself; always a good combo :-)


Love it.. I love random and good combos!!


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