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Wet and windy Southsea parkrun

It's been a few weeks since I last did parkrun, with 'excuses' like being ill and being away getting in the way. The last 10 days or so have brought lots of wind and some rain our way, and it has been a case of watching weather forecasts and wind live readings like a hawk to work out when it might be OK to head outside. Especially as my parkrun (and most of my running) is on a seafront promenade exposed to the south westerlies. This morning, although rain was expected at 9am, the wind had come down a bit overnight, so parkrun was on!

The Southsea parkrun course is very simple. You do 2.5k running more or less ENE on the prom with the sea on your right, turn round a bollard and retrace your steps to the start line. It was ok at the start, steady wind on my back and just drizzling. New running jacket working nicely. About 10 minutes in, the drizzle developed into heavier rain and the wind was getting a bit stronger and a bit gustier. Seemed a long course today, the bollard a bit further along the prom than it usually is, runkeeper telling me I had done 2.5k quite a bit before I reached the bollard. Then came the effort of turning round at the halfway point and running face into the wind and rain. Ouch! Cold! Miserable! At one point I slowed down to a walk for a couple of minutes but reasoned that as I could still see the prom in front of me it wasn't actually that bad and I had better get running again.

This was only my second ever run in the rain, and it definitely wasn't pleasant to do the walk home afterwards dripping and gradually getting cold, but a hot shower soon sorted me out. Don't think I will have got a PB today but I think it's my second fastest on the course, despite its apparent extra bit, so not bad.

Happy running everyone, try to work round the weather and don't be put off.

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That sounds a very bracing run Coddfish! Good for you for braving the elements though.


Well done Cods ! I can imagine it was very blowy along the sea front this morning !

I bet you felt very invigorated after that ! :-) xxx


That's my local park run too. It's a brick wall that wind sometimes isn't it?


Hope to see you there one day. I am currently in the 38/39 minute range. My user photo is from my very first parkrun back in May.


Well done getting out there in such weather! I love the idea of running along the prom - straight and flat! But not a great fan of the wind - even when not trying to run.


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