New shoes, 6ks and other musings

New shoes, 6ks and other musings

I am not a typical example of the female of our species - I hate shopping. Even shopping for running stuff. But I'm getting into this running lark, my old shoes are pretty worn down and now they have started to split. This has been going on for about a month and I decided a while ago I need new shoes. Not only that I really need a gait analysis. My husband keeps telling me how wonky I am, how strange my feet are and other charming endearments (don't worry I give as good as I get). I haven't had any real problems so far, but I don't want any and I'm doing about 20k a week at the moment, which is a bit of an increase. I've been lurking around running shops, but been put off on at least 2 occasions a) by being ignored b) by the horrible fitness of the shop assistants and everybody else in there. But not today. And guess what - neutral gait. I saw the video, perfectly straight, not the slightest bit of wonk. And of course the shop assistant was wonderful and the other customers also treated me like a runner. I went with asics again, as that is what I had before - and here's a pikkie to prove it.

But before I went shopping I had to run, of course. I did 10k at the weekend and although I'm not stiff afterwards I do find 10ks tiring. I did an interval run on Tuesday, short and fast(ish) and I didn't want to overdo it today with another 10k. Another aspect of running which bugs me is the fact that I do many of my runs with planned walking breaks. It makes me faster, but it feels like a bad habit to get into and I sometimes find it difficult to do normal runs non-stop. Every now and then I have to prove to myself that I still can. So today was going to be a 6k - non-stop. And that's what it was. Slow, not easy, no announcements from runkeeper (so no pressure), the wrong music (far too slow), too much faffing trying to keep my phone out of the rain - there's still a lot to improve.

And I'm now at the end of my 5th month of running. Four months since graduation. I ran 82.8k in June at an average pace of 7:19 per km (6 seconds faster than last month and 15k more). I still really enjoy it and love the side effects (running for the bus or train is now easy, feeling slimmer even if the scales say no change). Anyone who is thinking of doing this programme should definitely do it. And to all those just graduated - keep at it, it's worth it!


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12 Replies

  • Oooh shiny new shoes, I bet they are like strapping fluffy clouds to feet 😀

  • Fantastic progress jc!! Your pace and distances are brilliant.. such dedication.. I aspire to keep it up and know I can.. just takes that dedication.. think you are doing great and love your new trainers! Great colours.. yea agree running alone won't shift much weight but with a healthy diet sure helps us tone up the excess..So can't be bad.. feeling great! :)

  • sparky66 - you are an inspiration aswell! All that time on the IC and yet you still came back and were so determined to complete the programme. I just try and run every other day, minimum 3x a week. I don't want to fade away as so many graduates seem to do!

  • In now.. for the long haul.. :) :) :)

  • Lovely shoes - lovely words too! I totally agree that this is a fab programme and has far reaching benefits. ❤️ Running! 🙂

  • Well done JaySee- its clearly an integral part of your life now! Just think - others in the shop may have been looking at you and feeling a bit intimidated :-) What do you do for your interval runs please?

  • I do the c25k+ Speed and I've also started adapting the original c25k programme, just to vary things. Did week 1 a couple of times, where Laura says walk I slow down and where she says run I try to go as fast as possible. It is a bit like Speed, but the walking/slow intervals are longer and it's 8 mins of fast running instead of 6.

  • Good idea - will try that, thanks!

  • Wow, can't believe you've done so much running without a gait analysis! And I thought I was bad at going shopping... Lovely looking Asics there, enjoy!

  • Might have had problems before if my gait hadn't been neutral! So I did suspect that I was OK.

  • Great post! I was one of those people who gave up not long after my first graduation! What changed the second time round was I joined a womens running group I dont think I would have got passed 5k otherwise and 7 months after joining I did my first half and was thrilled with myself. My sister tried running with a local athletics club and was very put off by it. I find my group is a mixed range of ability so theres something for everyone it also was great for keeping me running over the winter! Love the new shoes I was wondering which shop you got your analysis done in as it seems like there a vast difference of experiences depending on where you go. I had a great trip to Decathlon recently I like the no frills approach and the range of running clothes is great and very reasonable. Happy running

  • Snazzy shoes. Sounds like you've built running into your life now and it is going great.

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