Week 7 Run 1 complete!!!!!

OK so i had to have a week out due to late night working and early morning working and I know it might seem like an excuse but last week I was shattered morn, noon and night !!!!! So I decided to write off last week and start again on Sunday morning which is my normal start day for the new running week. I started off and immediately I started thinking !" can't do this , I can't breathe !! " etc etc then Laura pipes up " you should be into a nice steady rhythm" and there I was settled into a steady running pattern!!!!!

But instead of taking my usual route I parked myself in the countryside and thought I would have a change of scenery, well what do you know ¬!¬!!!!! I came across these new metal style gates come stiles ?????? that you have to squeeze through and lift up catches etc.!!!! i got very cross at some points as they were really stiff and covered in nettles and I was definately about to drop at one point and there I was cursing and shouting at this thing and Laura was telling me that I had done really well and I was shouting at her that actually "NO" I was not doing well and I was not really getting on very well !!!! A couple of lone walkers in the beautiful Norfolk countryside gave me side ways glances as if to say " mad, mad mad" and walked on at a quicker pace !!! But I did manage to get through this metal contraption and continue on my way. When I arrived outside my door I thought good , another one down and ready to go and one of Miles-Yonders milkshakes (which i am quite addicted to now!!!) along with the crunchy peanut butter and rice cake scenario keeps me going all the way!!! That is my return home treat!!!

looking forward to run 2 of week 7 and beating myself up about not losing as much weight as I thought I would have by now??? I have lost almost 1 stone but i did secretly hope that I would maybe have lost more as I have been following my fitnes pal quite avidly over the past 7 weeks, still I suppose one thing at a time - I must stop being quite so impatient !!!! Good luck all

best regards


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  • Sounds like you had an eventful run and I must confess to having a little giggle at the scene you described regarding the walkers speeding up their pace :) Hope your next run is less eventful :)

  • *blush* Only been here two minutes and I have half the board addicted to pre/post run goodies!

  • Excellent work, Josie, well done. :-) It can't be easy coming back into something like week seven after a break, but you definitely did really well, stiles aside. Those things seem to be causing a lot of issues at the minute! Talking at/to Laura is normal, BTW; sod what the walkers think!

    Good luck for run two! I feel you'll enjoy the chocolate milk a bit more if it's left in the fridge overnight/a few hours first. It's beyond delicious. I look forward to it after each run! Run two here you come, you'll do ace!

  • Yes, running in the countryside has its challenges doesn't it!! I've studiously avoided such routes (when in the UK - nothing quite like it here to have to avoid ... in fact I've never seen a "gate" or a "stile" in a "field", but then I'm between a city and an open mountain).

    Anyway, I think the contraptions you're describing are called kissing gates. Annoying as they might be, I'm sure it's easier to lift a catch and squeeze through than climb over a traditional stile or gate. Although I seem to remember in the dim and distant past of my school days doing something called a gate vault in gym lessons (OK - attempting, I was never any good) and I'm sure someone said something about this being an actual way of getting over a real gate.

    Hope you find a nettle-free run next time you're out. Stiles and gates get in the way, but nettles and brambles are really annoying too!

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